Father’s Day Tips : There Is One For Every Type of Dad

No two fathers are created equal and everyone is unique in their choices, likings and preferences. On 19th June, when the world celebrates Father’s Day, think out the type of Dad you have and then help him enhance those along with gifting him Father’s Day gifts. On GiftstoIndia24x7.com brings to you various tips and advices which you can inculcate for your father according to his likes and needs.

The Foodie Dad : For the dad who loves to eat or cook there are some gifts which are perfect. There is hardly any dad who doesn’t like barbeque food. So you can gift him with barbeque sauces, or a book of gourmet food book. For the coffee lover, gift your dad the coffee travel mug. You could also give a grill LED thermometer to check the temperature of perfectly grilled meat or anything, you could also gift him with an assortment of spices if he loves cooking along with an electric pressure cooker and many such things.

Foodie Dad

The Fitness Freak Dad : Pass your already fitness crazy dad these tips to keep him healthy this summer. Find the right doctor your dad needs and book an appointment. Get his master checkup done with all the tests that are required. Make him take meals at proper timings and also see to it that he gets adequate sleep as that is very necessary for leading a healthy life. Also ask him to exercise everyday for at least an hour to keep himself fit. And most importantly being happy and enjoying life is a must.

Fitness Freak Dad

The Sports Enthusiast Dad : If your Dad loves sports and never misses a game of his favorite team and favourite sport then, you can gift him with a ticket stub diary, where he can keep tickets for forthcoming games and old souvenirs. Also you can book him tickets for the next match he is going to watch. You could buy him the jersey or some famous mascot of the team he supports vehemently. You could buy subscription to a sports channel where your dad frequently watches games. Also if he plays any particular game you could gift him tools of playing them.

Sports Enthusiast Dad

The Tech Savvy Dad : The technology dad is always ahead of the curve, changing his phone every 6 months to a year. Make sure when you gift him something technology related, it is always cutting edge technology or very lates. You can send techy gifts as gifts to India to your Dad with this online reliable gifting portal.

Tech-Savvy Dad

The WanderLust Dad : The best gift you can give to your father on this special is a special trip with just you and your dad so that it counts. When travelling with your father who loves exploring new places, keep a few things in mind such as it's better to travel to a new place, which you both haven’t explored, encourage him to try new things, engage him in all the activities the place has to offer, don’t forget to capture those moments to make heartwarming memories. Also if it's only a single day trip then wake up early and seize the day to make the most of it.

Wander Lust Dad

You can think out if your dad falls into any other category then experiment with new ways to make his day special. You can find a variety of father’s day gifts on this reliable and trustworthy gifting portal of India which you can send as gifts to India. Personalized gifts are also another great way to show your love and warmth to your Dad.


Amrita Published: Jun 16, 2016 | Last Updated: May 09, 2019
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