Bhai-Dooj is a popular festival in India that is celebrated by the Hindus with lots of pomp and fervor. The festival is also known as Bhai Phota or Bhau-beej. The festival is celebrated on the second day of  Shukla Paksha of the Hindu month of Kartika. On this grand festival, sisters put ‘tilak’ on the brother’s forehead and pray for his healthy and prosperous life. The day is celebrated with gifts and sweets if you want to know how to send gifts to your dear brother and what to send as gifts then keep reading the article to know more. 

Having a brother beside you means having a loving friend who is going to be cutthroat and honest about everything. It means having a buddy to hang out with a partner in crime. Someone with whom you can fight, someone who can fight for you, and someone you can rely on. The bond between a brother and a sister is quite unique. The two people who can kill each other while fighting can eradicate anyone who tries to even touch any one of them. We all have witnessed all the hues of brother and sisterly love hence a day is dedicated to them and their bond. While just one day is not enough yet with enough zeal and enthusiasm every sibling tries to make their brother and sister feel special. Bhai Dooj is not only about the brothers but also about the sisters as without sisters the brothers wouldn’t be brothers now, isn’t it? So, for all the sisters out there who are trying their best to make this Bhai Dooj special for their brothers. We are here to tell you how not that you don’t know that gifts can do the job. But we are here to tell you what will be good Bhai Dooj gifts for your brother. Along with that, you must be in a dilemma about how to send gifts to your brother who lives in a different part of India. It may be also a situation where you are based abroad and want to send gifts to your brother who is in India. Whatever the situation might be we are here to help you with your dilemmas. 

Gifts for Bhai Dooj

Selecting a gift for your brother is different from selecting a gift for anyone else. Not just because he’s your brother but because he is a man or a boy. Choosing a gift for them becomes difficult as the options are very limited, to begin with. Apart from that the sentiments are different and so are the preferences making everything to be as difficult as possible. So, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that the gift you want to send to your brother is for him. Hence, it should be something he wants and cherishes. There are options available that are loved by all and most of them are gadgets. Whether your brother is a techie or not he definitely would love to have some gadgets like headphones, AirPods, smart watches, tab, etc. Along with that goes accessories, like sunglasses, chains, rings, pendants, cufflinks, and so on. So all you have to do is see what your brother will prefer and send him a Bhai Dooj gifts. 

Sending Gifts to India from any corner of the World

Celebrate Bhai Dooj with Gifts

Now that we know what we can gift our brothers to make them feel special. This brings us to the next question, how do I send gifts to my brother in India? Well, your brother can be in any part of India and you can be anywhere in the world and send gifts to your brother. With the aid of gifting websites like ours, your gift will reach your brother on time. Our website also comes with special delivery services that will aid you to surprise your brother. So, if he’s least expecting a gift from you this year you can definitely catch him off guard and send some amazing gifts. Our services do not end here. You will get many gifts curated for your brother that you can just choose and send to him. This means you will save time and get guidance from us too. 

So, send gifts to your brother in India through our website and show how sisters’ love can reach their brother no matter where they are. 

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