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Celebrate Bihu With Special Sweet Recipes

Celebrate Bihu With Special Sweet Recipes Image Credit : manahotels

The exquisite beauty of the Assam valley is on a whole new level during the magnificent Bihu festival. The excited crowds, Bihu Geet, youthful folk dance, creative Bihu gift ideas and yummy delicacies further add a mirthful value to the occasion. Bihu is derived from Bishu, which means ‘to ask for peace’, but according to the linguistic preferences it was changed to Bihu. This unique festival of honouring the farming culture is a winsome gift to India and its opulent heritage. The Magh Bihu of January is all about feasting, the Kaati Bihu of October reflects the season of short farming supply and the Rongali Bihu of April depicts the Assamese New Year.

Sweet lovers definitely pray for the time to roll fast as they desperately wait for the famous Indian festivals. If we are talking about Bihu then the unique sweet recipes of this festival form a major part in the hearts of people. We know that the import and export of the festive sweets during Bihu is very prominent; people include a variety of sweets while they send gifts to India, to their hometown from a distant land. So, let us make this festival sweeter and get acquainted with some Bihu sweet dishes, that can never in a million years fail to bring water to your mouth.

Celebrate Bihu With Special Sweet Recipes Image Credit : nenow

If you are delimiting yourself to chocolates then don’t because the Coconut Laddus will give you a new food paradise. A soft touch, the lovely texture and the yummy flavour of coconut is the best choice of dessert on Bihu. These are the shredded coconut, milk and sugar balls that will no wonder please you and the guests. Til Pitha are the cylindrical delights of glutinous rice, jaggery and sesame seeds. Bhogali Bihu is totally incomplete without these desserts stuffed with Til or sesame seeds and people crave for it, for sure. Pithaguri is a common type of Jolpan in which rice is fried and served with hot milk, jaggery or sometimes ripe banana. Ghila pitha is another bundle of joy made with sieved rice flour and grated jaggery. These are the prominent sweets of Bihu which are deep fried.

Paggi Meva is a mouth watering sugary coating or sugar syrup on makhanas in ghee. Koat Pitha is again a very popular dish among Assamese cuisine. It is made up of ripe bananas, jaggery and, of course, rice flour as it is a Pitha or rice cake. Popularly known as the Makar Sankranti sweets, Til Laddoo are the sweet balls of jaggery and til or sesame seeds. People also include these lovely sweet balls while sending giftstoIndia to their relatives, friends and beloved family members, along with some popular milk sweets like kaju katli, khopra pak and some chocolates with namkeens in a combo box. These make the people they love feel a tad bit more special on Bihu. Poda Pitha are a lip smacking dessert made up of cottage cheese, cardamom, sugar, ghee and kewra.

Make this coming Bihu a very special occasion with these wonderful sweet dishes that everyone will love. Sending a gift to India for this festival is also a good idea as such treats are sure to surprise. This online gift store deals with a variety of such gift ideas for this as well as other important events.

Dipsuta Published: Apr 07, 2017 | Last Updated: Jun 07, 2020
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