Wonderful Candles: The Best Way to Wish Your Dear Ones Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time of joyful celebrations and a lot of merry times that you spend with your friends and family. This festive occasion is especially marked due to the extravagant gifts that are exchanged during this time. But if you are far away from your dear ones during this happy occasion, then you have no other option but to take the help of websites to send gifts to India to ensure that they are delivered within the stipulated time period without any hassles. It will also save your time and you can choose the perfect gift for your loved one from the comfort of your home.

You can find many adorable and enticing Christmas gift ideas on this very reliable online gift store. It is customary for the followers of Christianity to light candles near the feet of Lord Jesus during this auspicious day and also the evening before. This tradition is now followed by followers of other religions as well and therefore candles make one of the best gift ideas for Christmas.

A Pair of Fragrant Rose Candles in Elephant Candle Stands will make a very pretty and cute gift item for this occasion. Two candle holders in the shapes of white coloured elephants with tinges of blue and green. The blue and white elephant has a beautiful blue rose shaped candle whereas the green and white one has a similar orange coloured one. The charming candles which have placed inside these porcelain elephants have a very attractive aroma.

Special Candles


The Scented Cactus Tea Light Candles is a great gift for this occasion and you can easily send this unique candle set to India. These candles are tea light candles and contain an outer covering layer of white plastic pot. The candles are in the shape of small cactus plants which are green in colour with yellow spots which resemble the thorns. This set of six candles also has very fragrant aroma.

The Enticing Set of Candles is a very attractive candle set that will be loved by your friends and family in India. The cute candles are placed into small circular metal containers made of steel which further enhances their looks. Tiny star shaped decorations of pink, saffron, orange, brown, red and green colours are placed on top of them. The candle set consists of six such  personable white coloured candles.

Aromatic Candles


The Apple Shape Candle are the perfect gift for this festive season as they look very alluring.

The Chic Artificial Candle Holders have a very elegant and sophisticated appearance that will definitely be cherished by your dear ones in India. The elegant holders have beautiful candles in them which are actually lighted using batteries. The holders have pretty purple, orange, green and red coloured decorations on them which makes them look even more attractive. This set of five charming candle holders have been placed on a green granular wooden platform.

The Modish Artificial Candle Holders will make a great gift for this coming merry occasion due to its striking aspect. These semi-circular candle holders have a very stunning look and they contain unique battery fed candles. The holders are multi coloured having alternating red, orange and green colours which makes it quite pleasing visually. The set of five holders are placed on a grey wooden platform with pebbles.

The Pink Crystal Lotus Candle Stand is the most beautiful gift that you can send as gifts on this auspicious day to your dear ones.

Decorative Candles


The Bamboo cut Candle looks very pretty and is perfect to be sent as gifts to your friends and family in India. The candle is pink in colour and has the unique capability of staying lit for eight hours which is definitely a point in its favour. The candle is placed in a holder which has the novel design of a diagonally cut bamboo shoot. Candles of different colours in this same holder are also available here.

Apart from these, there are various other types of candles along with other exciting gift ideas for Christmas available here. Gifts for other occasions like anniversary gifts to India are also available for your dear ones. You can even choose exciting and unique wedding gifts to India from this amazing online gifting portal.


Dipsuta Published: Dec 17, 2015 | Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019
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