To make your wife feel special and express your love on Valentine's Day, you can choose to send her gifts. If you are looking for gifts for your wife then you can go through this article. There are a variety of gift ideas that can come to your use like perfume, gift hampers, make-up bags, and others. This might come in handy when it comes to deciding what to gift. Read for more.

Valentine’s Day is crucial especially when you are married. A sudden rift and a grumpy wife that you don’t want to experience at all. It is important to make your wife feel special as she also tries her best to get valentine gifts for him in India. Well, the problem lies in not planning. Every couple in love tries their best to celebrate this day of love. But few find success as either they are confused or out of ideas. Those who have ideas don’t plan and those who are out of ideas start looking for help at the wrong time. The key to celebrating this special day is planning, to aid you with ideas and possibilities. We have curated a list of the top 14 valentines day gifts to India that you can gift your beloved wife to make her Valentine’s Day special. So, send valentines day gifts to India to your wife in India and surprise her with valentine gifts for her in India. Let’s get started with the ideas while the clock is ticking!

1. Picture Light String 


Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife in India

When you are thinking of making the day special and memorable for her why not take the help of the beautiful memories that you both have together? Sounds interesting right? For a memorable gift what you can do is send her a beautiful picture light string that will have all your beautiful memories. This gift will not only illuminate the house but warm her heart too. You can adorn the light string with some beautiful pictures of you two together. It would be best if the pictures are in polaroid form as it will look aesthetic with the lights and the arrangements. If you are planning to set up a date then give her this gift. It can also be a special way to reveal this gift to her and decorate it in her study or room.

2. Flowers and Chocolate

If you want to do something special for her on Valentine’s Day but in a traditional way then what you can do is send valentine gift to India. A beautiful bouquet of roses or any other flower that signifies love can be a nice idea. To savor the surprise and the moment you can add chocolates along with flowers to your gift. Chocolates are the universally loved gift that everyone appreciates and nothing expresses the love more than chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day. Some love the idea of receiving chocolates and flowers and that is what makes them feel special. So, if your wife is among them this can be the best gift that you can give her. There are plenty of varieties and options when it comes to flowers and chocolates as you can experiment with different flower arrangements and varieties. For chocolates, distinct combinations of chocolate can also serve the purpose. 

3. Surprise Short Trip 


Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife in India

Working and staying updated with daily life- there must have been very little time to spend with each other. In this case, what you can do is take them on a surprise trip. We know with all the responsibilities making time might not be possible but a short trip can do wonders. It would be a wonderful surprise for her and we are certain she would love this gift. Take her to any place celebrate the day of love most uniquely and create memories to cherish. If you already know a place that she would love to visit then this is your hint. This can be a heartwarming gift that she will always remember.

4. Coupon to a Spa 


Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife in India

After a stressful and eventful week, you can send a Valentine’s Day gift to pamper her. What you can do is send her a coupon to spa and surprise her. Your gift will pamper her and express your love most uniquely. We are certain she would love a spa session where she will be pampered and groomed. A very good, meaningful, and relaxing gift for her that will leave an impact on her for a very long time. You can select the spa session according to your budget and preferences which is easier for you to choose as well. Gift her a coupon to the spa and enjoy a delicious dinner after the spa session and your Valentine’s Day gift will be sorted.

5. Jewelry 


Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife in India

You might think jewelry is the most common of things to gift to your wife on Valentine’s Day, but does it ever get old? No, it never gets old and your wife will always cherish a piece of fine jewelry. If you think it this way then you will realize that it is easier for you too to choose a gift. Even if you are running out of time just buy a piece of jewelry and voila! You’ve got a gift for her! With plenty of choices from necklaces, chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and so much more. You just have to observe her style and send her a fine piece of jewelry and win her heart all over again.

6. Plants 


Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife in India

Gifting life can be intriguing right? How about gifting your wife a plant? A sweet little plant that will symbolize your love can be a good gift. When you gift a plant you are not only gifting an object but you are giving a symbol of growth, nurturing, and life itself. Hence, the significance of the gift expresses your love for her. If she has a green thumb and loves gardening then we are certain she will love any plant you gift her and add to her garden. But if she can’t dedicate much time to care for her plants then you can gift her small succulents that she can keep on her study or desk. This will be a wonderful gift that will surprise her for sure.

7. Gift Hamper  


Another way of sending them a complete package gift is a gift hamper. Gift hampers make great gifts. As in a hamper, you can add as many things as you want and create a complete experience for your beloved wife. Add her favorite snacks, nuts, chocolates, wafers, and juices into a hamper and create a lovely experience for her. You can shift from basic soft drinks and wafers to berry-brewed beverages, nuts, dry fruits, and much more. This savory hamper can thrill your wife and make her feel special. You will find plenty of options when it comes to gifting hampers so, send a unique hamper and make the day special for your wife.

8. Gift Voucher

If you are away from home and think won’t be able to make it for this special day then what you can do is send a gift voucher. Her any complaints about you not taking her out for dinner, or shopping can be resolved with this gift. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can choose from a wide range that is not limited to just shopping and dining. You can choose from shopping, dining, lifestyle, jewelry, entertainment, and much more. Even though you will not be around, you will be able to make their day special. Gift Vouchers are very good last-minute gifts that you can gift to your wife and give her a complete choice of choosing a gift for her.

9. Personalized Post Card

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife in India

Expressing emotions on a card is evergreen, it makes the emotions more meaningful. If you want to make your wife feel nostalgic and emotional at the same time then expressing what she means to you on a personalized postcard will be the best option. A postcard will also contain a picture of yours, so what you can do is select a memory precious to you and her and add a personalized message behind the image. Either you can express what you feel at that moment or you can even express what you have felt through all these years. It is a lovely way to make her feel appreciated and loved, so don’t miss the chance and send her this gift.

10. Self-care Gift Hamper


She has always been the one who takes care of you and everyone around her. She should also be taken care of. Hence, your sending a self-care gift hamper will be a reminder to her to take care of herself. You will find many options in the self-care hamper if you decide to send a self-care gift hamper as a Valentine’s Day gift. There are many hampers available that you can choose from and it has all the self-care essentials starting from shower gel, bath salts, lotion, moisturizer, scented candles, and much more.

11. Make-up Bag  


Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife in India

If your beloved has a stash of makeup then what you can do is send them a makeup bag. Or maybe makeup organizers can be of help to them. Makeup organizers will save a lot of time and space. This can also express your emotions and encourage them to use makeup and express them as they want. With this gift, they will be able to travel with their makeup anywhere and anytime. Keeping their makeup organized will surely make them happy. Hence it is a nice gift that they will be able to use and appreciate very much.

12. Makeup Essentials


Be it a prep for makeup or makeup products, makeup is going to make them happy. When it comes to makeup you will have plenty of options to choose from. You can opt for skincare or makeup prep skin products or makeup essentials like eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipsticks, and much more. If she is new to makeup then you can opt for the basics like foundation, eyeliner, lipsticks, and blushes. But if she has a makeup stash already then what you can do is send them an updated gift of makeup essentials. Makeup is a way of expressing oneself so if you are gifting her makeup then it will signify your encouragement of expressing themselves unapologetically.

13. Perfume

Does your wife have a wide range of collections of perfumes? If yes then here’s your hint of adding more to her collection. There are plenty of options to choose from and you will get plenty of help if you observe her collection of perfumes. Observe what type of fragrance she likes to use and send her a perfume as valentine gifts to India that you think she will love to have. Floral, fruity, and breezy fragrances are the safest to opt for. She will be able to use this gift almost every day and leave an impact wherever she goes. She will also be reminded of your love whenever she uses the perfume. Hence, a memorable gift that she would love to have.

14. Home Decor

We are certain you must have heard her complain about how you don’t help her decorate the house. Well, this Valentine’s resolve all the complaints and decorate the house with her with home decor as a Valentine’s Day gift. There are plenty of options when you decide to gift home decor as Valentine’s gifts. You can choose a picture frame to decorate boring walls, table centers, showpieces, wall hangings, tapestry hangings, and much more. While choosing a home decor gift what you can do is understand what your wife is going to like best and buy one but if you want to play safe then picture frames and wall hangings are the best options to choose from, select a lovely decor and make her feel special. 

We are certain these gifts will make her happy. All you have to do is understand and observe what she might like. There is a gift in this list for every need and choice you will find no difficulty in selecting a gift. We are certain your hunt for gifts will be fulfilled and you will be able to get a beautiful gift for your beautiful wife as a valentine day gift to India. Don’t waste any more time and plan your surprise along with wonderful gifts and make this 14th February special for her with these top 14 gift ideas. 


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