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The courtship period has a magic of its own. Your fiance is gearing up to be a daily witness to your life. This is the time when you sow the seeds of love. Express your innermost feelings to your fiancee and nurture the bond through these wonderful gifts. These will offer her the taste of beautiful things that await in the days to come and make this phase more exciting!

Even after years of marriage, couples often fall back on the beautiful memories of their courtship period. This phase is the ideal time to know our significant other better and take baby steps to a beautiful future together. The courtship period is almost like a fairy tale which enables every couple to make memories of a lifetime. Be it love or arranged marriage, it is important to make the most of this phase. You must walk an extra mile to make your lady love feel special and loved. Gifts often bring out the die-hard romantic in you and help you to pamper your partner to the fullest. Certain emotions are hard to express in words. These gifts often give life to these unsaid emotions without the use of words. If you have been wondering how to impress your fiancee, you use these gifting ideas.

1. Write a handwritten letter

"Writing to someone, taking the time to craft each letter, to buy a stamp, to select an envelope, to travel to the post office—none of this goes unnoticed. A letter, before the content is even read, has already said, 'I care about you. You’re someone special."

Before technology took over the world, lovers used handwritten letters as an effective medium of communication. In the yesteryears, writing a letter was considered an art. In the age of social media, emails and texts, writing letters to each other has become a rarity in itself. But even today a hand-written letter has an unmatched value. It has an old-world charm and passion behind the letters that can make one’s heart even skip a beat. Pour your heart out in a letter and make your fiancee feel the intensity of your love. She will treasure the letter forever and can revisit it any time she wants.

2.Classic jewellery

Women have a special emotional tryst with jewellery. Often known as a woman’s best friend, jewellery works as a timeless gift. Give her a piece of jewellery that can be worn everyday. While you make a choice, think about her taste and preferences. Make sure that you follow the ongoing trends. You could also give her a simple yet elegant pair of earrings or a heart shaped pendant. A beautiful statement pendant featuring the initials of her name could make her feel truly worthy. Every time she wears this in future, she will be reminded of the courtship period.

3.Attend a concert or a play together

Certain gifts are experiences which can only be felt. Every individual has some kind of an inclination towards a specific genre of performing arts. If your partner loves theatre, you can watch a play together. This will act as an overwhelming surprise that will make her feel touched. If she is into music, you could also take her to a live concert featuring her favourite musicians. Before you think of such a plan, do pay close attention to her tastes and preferences. Make sure you book the tickets of the concert without her knowledge. This surprise will portray your sincere efforts in the relationship and interest in the things that fascinate her.

4.Love You with all my Senses Hamper

Top 10 Gifts for Fiancee in India

Let your lady love know that you love her with all your senses. We understand the value of relationships and have come up with the Love You with all my Senses hamper. It comprises headphones, a warm pillow, an exclusive perfume, chocolates and a personalised letter. This thoughtful hamper will appeal to her senses and offer her a sweet taste of your love. Even if you are far away from her, this romantic gift will make her feel your presence in the most profound way.

5.Take her out for a long drive

Give your fiancee a true taste of romance through this gift. Take her out on a drive far away from the maddening crowds of cities and enjoy the blissful quietude of nature together. Watch the sun setting in the horizon and realize the beauty of nature in togetherness. This will help you create memories which will never fade away with the passage of time.

6.Personalised photo frame

Top 10 Gifts for Fiancee in India

If you have known your fiancee for a considerable period of time, this gift is for you. In this entire journey of knowing each other, you must have made great memories. Immortalise these wonderful memories through a wonderful personalised photo frame. Choose images and memories which have a special corner in your hearts. This gift will offer her a glimpse of your journey in love and make her feel loved at the same time.

7.De-Stress Kit

In recent times, stress has become an integral part of our everyday life. It is important to handle stress and not let it get the better of you. As a partner, it is important to take care of your fiancee and ensure her well-being. You can give her a wholesome de-stress kit to make her feel relaxed. Consisting of coffee scrub, a body polishing oil and a massager, this de-stress kit will rejuvenate her and drive away her exhaustion. Even if you stay away from her, this gift will express how much you care about her.

8.Dedicate a date to adventure sports

Top 10 Gifts for Fiancee in India

This is an unconventional gift that might strengthen your bond. It is often said that marriage is nothing less than an adventure. It is an interesting journey of facing and embracing life together. Take your partner out for a date that gives her a taste of adventure. Be it water rafting, bungee jumping, scuba diving or kayaking, choose any sport that seems exciting.If your lady is a wild soul, she will love this date. If she is not, this will help her overcome her fears. This experience of facing challenges together might bring you two closer than ever.

9.Shopping vouchers

Is there any woman who is not fond of shopping? Shopping vouchers act as an impeccable gifting option for women for all occasions. This will enable her to explore and choose the best of things from a particular store. She can redeem it at her own convenient time and enjoy the wholesome shopping experience. The liberty of choosing will be thoroughly enjoyed by her. In case you are confused about choosing a suitable gift for your fiancee, you should certainly opt for shopping vouchers.

10. Trip to each other’s ancestral home

This is one of those gifts that will take the chemistry in your relationship to a whole new dimension. Before embarking on a journey of togetherness, it is important to know each other inside and out. This trip to each other’s ancestral home will enable you to form an idea about each other’s roots. Make sure you take both your families to make the trip memorable. It will act as a great bonding experience for the families and you both.

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