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The new fragrance from HUGO for women.

HUGO pure purple is an unbridled expression of feminine energy. It’s not some complicated ie ne sais quoi, just a whole lot of sexy, playful fun. Pure Purple is for a woman who needs to move, to live, to laugh out loud and be herself. It’s for a woman who loves to dance: breaking free, jumping around, expressing all her inner energy without holding anything back, without caring who’s around. Whenever, wherever: no invitation required, no inhibitions allowed. Pure, unleashed feminity. Send this to your loved ones in India and make them jump with joy.

The Fragrance -

Joyful, Vibrant, Modern, Bold….

The all new fragrance is exquisitely unpredictable. Inspired by the sheer, spontaneous energy that makes a woman want to dance, it is a fragrance bursting with scent notes that will sweep you off your feet. Daring to live life on your own terms. The fragrance is a sprit of radiant femininity. It is adventurous and daring but unaffected and completely natural. The inspiration for the luscious scent of marzipan comes from le calisson, a diamond-shaped, proven sweet which is an incarnation of happiness and a rush to the senses. On the other hand, amber and white suede suggest feminine strength and independence. One moment pure purple is playful and bright, the next, sultry and mature. This is a apirit of a woman always free to remain true to herself.

Fragrance Notes -

Top - White cyclamen and nectarine create a fresh, sparkling top note. These bright, vibrant outdoorsy notes put you in a carefree and youthful mood from the moment it is sprayed on your skin.

Heart - Soulful heart notes of dazzling black violet and floral bouquet accords are deeply feminine and utterly spontaneous.

Base - Couched in soft, sensuous depths of amber and white suede, you find the unexpected treat of sweet white marzipan. The result is a rare, textured fusion of playful innocence and full-blooded sensuality, a little irreverent and totally free.

The Bottle -

Hugo Pure Purple looks the way it feels. Inspired by the beauty and energy of a woman in motion. It’s sheer kinetic energy.

The flacon is a graceful triangular helix of silhouetted purple tinted glass with a uniquely twisting sculptured motion as it rises to the radiant transparent cap and reflective silver details at the top. The outer packaging offers a light metallic finish to the softly textured purple, making it come alive.

Contents : 90 ml

Shipping Info: Ships Within 3-4 Working Days

Team this scent along with other Gifts to India and get ready to impress your loved ones.

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