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IND: +91-62916-41821
USA: +1-220-222-2855+1-220-222-2877
UK: +44-8081-892-363
AUS: +61-3-8899-6625
WhatsApp: +91-86977-29733
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Address 14, Mahanirban Road,
Ground Floor

Kolkata - 700 029 India

Thanks for everything

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My wife now loves me more than ever. You made her birthday special. Thanks for everything. The flowers to India were lovely. The cake was extremely delicious. Thank you again.

Birthday Treat

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You really gave my friend in India a great Birthday Treat. Thank you Keep up the good work.

Commendable Indeed

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Many thanks for your prompt service in delivering the gift to my brother in Pune. I am simply amazed at the efficiency with which made it possible for my brother to receive my gift in time for his birthday. Commendable indeed!

Good Work

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Thanks a lot for your good work Our friends in India were simply swept off their feet. The roses were fresh, the teddy so cute and the chocolates delicious. Thank you once again.

Sevice Appreciated

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Your service is very much appreciated. Your really made my parents' marriage anniversary special. The cake was extremely fresh and tasty. Thank you

Birthday made special

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Thank You so much for delivering the finger-licking yummy cake. My dad was so happy. You made his birthday really special. Thanks and warm regards to all of you at

I know where to go.

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I had placed an order which was delivered sometime back. I appreciate your service and am glad to use it. The flowers to India were gorgeous. I now know where to go if I want to send a gift to anyone in India.

The cake was really good

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Thank you for your service The cake was really good and the flowers attractive and fresh.

They liked it in India

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Thanks a lot The gift was great. They liked it in India. The flowers were beautiful and bright and the cake was relly fresh and yummy. Keep up the good work.

Thank You for the Service

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Thank You for the service The chocolates were extremely delicious and made my mother's Diwali special. My mom was simply overjoyed. I also appreciate your quick reply to my query. Thanks a lot!

Recommending your name.

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Thanks for the delivery As a reward, I am recommending your name to my company for any future delivery of gifts to India.

You Brightened the occasion

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You really brightened the occasion by your timely delivery. The Champagne was superb and the flowers gorgeous. The flowers to India were beautiful. Thanks a lot

Exceptional Service.

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Thank you for your exceptional service. The flowers delivered were exceptionally beautiful and very fresh. The flowers simply delighted my friends in India. Keep up the good work.

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