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Unique Personalized Rakhi Card | Personalised Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Want to make warm memories on Raksha Bandhan? This rakhi comes with a special personalized card that looks really unique. If you want to win your brother's heart, you can send this specially designed personalized rakhi card and make Raksha Bandhan special. 




Unique Personalized Rakhi Card

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India is a country rich with culture and heritage. This mass of land is also famous for celebrating all its festivals with great ardor and zeal. Almost every month, the country celebrates a festival. And it is through this united celebration of these festivals that the country marks its unified and distinct identity of its own to the world. This time it is Rakhi, or Raksha bandhan, as it is called in some parts of the country. Literally, Raksha Bandhan translates as 'the bond of protection'; a prayer that a sister utters when she ties the Rakhi Thread on the wrist of her brother. Girls even tie Rakhis to their sister-in-laws, c

Delivering Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts online is made easier

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one of the most popular Indian festival that is celebrated with all joy and jubilance. With changing times, this festival is no more restricted within the geographical boundaries of India. Following the recent trends in the professional world, a lot of Indians, these days, are bound to live offshore, owing to their career or professional commitments. But on occasions or at times of special festivals like Rakhi, their dire desire to send Rakhi to India is aptly fulfilled by the online gifting websites. There are a host of online gifting portals that have evolved, enabling one to send gifts with mere cl

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Rakhi is the most awaited festival, celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm by all brothers and sisters in India. To celebrate this festival, all the family members gather and have ga ood time together, sharing sweets and exchanging gifts. Rakhi is the auspicious occasion to celebrate the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. On this very day, sisters tie a sacred Rakhi thread on the right wrist of their brothers while praying for their long life and wwell-being Brothers in return pledge to protect their sisters from all adversities throughout their whole life. Gifting is an indispensable part of the Rakhi celebration. As the

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Rakhi or “Raksha Bandhan” is a popular festival of India. This festival celebrates the loving bond between brother and sister. On this day, sister ties a sacred thread known as “ Rakhi” on her brother’s right wrist. Sister chants mantras as well as prays for her brother’s well being. The brother blesses his sister and vows to protect her from all adversities. Thus, it is important to note when is Rakhi celebrated in India. According to Hindu calender, Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day of Shravan month. However, often due to career commitments many Indians have to stay away from their f

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The occasion of Raksha Bandhan is eagerly awaited by every sibling in India to celebrate their bond and shower love on each other. This occasion is celebrated on the hindu month of Shravan which usually falls in August. There is a great significance of rakhi and the promise of protection. In the early days of rishis and gurus, used to tie rakhi to their followers who came seeking their blessings. This sacred thread was tied by the rishis and gurus to protect their followers from all wrong and evil. Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 22nd August, 2021 in India. This festival is celebrated with lots of love and enthusiasm, as e