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Hibiscus Plant | Home Decor Gifts Ideas for Ideal House Warming


Product Details:

  • Plant Name: Hibiscus Plant

  • Plant Type: Flowering Plant

  • Packing Type: Jute Wrapped Plastic Vase

Hibiscus Plant Interesting Facts:

  • Originating in Asia and the Pacific Islands, Hibiscus is a common flowering plant which bears large flowers with five or more petals.

  • Although Hibiscus flowers lack fragrance, their conspicuous, trumpet shaped adds a certain beauty element to wherever they are placed.

  • Flourishing mainly in outdoor conditions, certain species of Hibiscus plant makes excellent tea. Indian Ayurvedic medicine makes extensive use of its medicinal properties.

  • Hibiscus flower is adorned as the national flower of Malaysia.

Points to Note:

  • Being a natural product, the flowering capacity and number will vary from one plant to another.

  • Flowering is also affected by ambient factors like light and moisture availability. The state of flowers can be in bud, half bloomed or fully bloomed stage.

  • The plastic vase provided with the plant can be reused later for different purposes.

  • Color of the vase shipped will vary according to availability.

  • Product will be hand-delivered at your doorstep.


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