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Red Velvet Cake & Flowers | Send Cakes & Flowers to India

Cakes and flowers are the highlights of any joyous occasion! Celebrate the many special instances of life with your loved ones by sending a delightful combo like this to them in India! Memories are priceless and this lovely combination of gifts are here to help the case!

The centrestage of this delightful hamper is occupied with a lovely velvet cake of magnanimous proportions. Velvet cakes are an especially elusive confectionery thanks to their unique texture and outworldly taste. The cake is white and red - a colour scheme that will blend in perfectly with any occasion! A bouquet of flowers complete the hamper. This fragrant bouquet comes with 10 pink roses and 10 pink gerberas. Green leaves and fillers are added to make the bouquet voluminous and look impeccable!

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