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Titan EyeTitan Eye Gift Cards to India

Titan Eye+ offers wide range of stylish and contemporary eyewear through exclusive optical stores across the country. Benchmarked against the best in the world, Titan Eye+ will herald standardization Titan Eye +, in sync with Tata ‘s principles of quality and trust, offers international quality standards and practices coupled with various aspects such as transparency in pricing, style and contemporary design in the eyewear segment and new practices in the highly fragmented and undifferentiated Indian optical retail segment.

Terms & Conditions:

1.This card is the property of Titan Industries Ltd.To whom it should be returned upon request.

2.This is not a credit card

3.this is Redeemable for products and services at Select Titan Eye+ showrooms

4.This card cannot be redeemed for cash

5.the cash amount loaded on the card shall be valid only for 180 days from the date of issue

6.Please present this card to the Eye wear consultant prior to billing for services or when you want to Re-Charge your card

7.If this card is lost or stolen .it will not be issued again

8.Card balance may also be obtained from select Titan Eye + Stores. 

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