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Choco CrackersSend Chocolate Crackers on Diwali to India

Diwali and crackers go hand in hand. But why choose the wrong crackers when you can send the chocolaty ones to your loved ones in India! Check out our latest collection of fantastic chocolates and have a blast on Diwali with your near and dear ones!

Chocolate crackers are chocolates in the form of fun-shaped firecrackers. These delicacies take the joy of sharing to the next level with its unusual approach and desirable nature.

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it is so great to have a resource that knows the appropriate gifts for the holidays! This makes celebrating with friends in India so easy and convenient.

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When was Diwali?

India is regarded as the land of vibrant festivities. Known as the ‘Festival of Light’, Diwali is the brightest festival of all which is celebrated with enormous zeal and enthusiasm. The word 'Diwali' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Deepavali', which means 'rows of light'. Observed on the new moon night of the Indian lunisolar month of Kartik, it celebrates the victory of virtue over evil. Diwali is celebrated by every religion with equal vigor creating an ambiance of happiness and joy throughout the country.

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