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Looking to send rakhi to India ? We have been delivering rakhi in india since 1999. If you are in US, you can send rakhi to India from USA.

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How Do I Send Flowers and Cake to India from USA?

How Do I Send Flowers and Cake to India from USA?

With so many occasions around the year, it becomes hard to attend every single one. On top of that, if you happen to be living away from your relatives in a foreign country, it becomes close to impossible. However, staying connected with your family and friends is not an option. So, it’s time to start thinking on your feet and that’s how you end up here. Flowers and cakes to India - something that never fails to impress. Sure, it’s a good idea but these are very delicate and perishable items. So how can you send them to your loved ones in India without any worries? That’s where we come in! Enter Gifts

Top 7 Cakes to India on Anniversary

Top 7 Cakes to India on Anniversary

Nothing gets an anniversary going better than a good old cake! Delicious, creamy, glittering baked cakes are all you need to pull off a grand party. If you are living away from home, then sending anniversary cakes to India to your loved ones will do just the trick! But sending an ordinary cake simply won’t cut it. Throw some great ideas into it and voila! At, we have honed the skills of delivering amazing cakes throughout India over the years. On our website, you will find some of the best and most amazing cakes which will light up any anniversary! So before you get overwhelmed by the massive collection,

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Birthdays and cakes go hand in hand. Cakes are the heavenly touch to a birthday party that lights up the celebration. If you are away from your loved ones’ birthday party, send a birthday cake to them in India from the USA. This way you will not only become a part of the fun but will put the essence of emotions in it! Spice this idea up a bit by sending an extraordinary cake that will be the diamond in the rough! Round cakes, square cakes, heart cakes - these are so common that they are starting to become an eyesore. Step away from the ordinary and step into the realm of delightful uniqueness. We hate to say it ourselves

How Do I Send Birthday Cake to India from USA

How Do I Send Birthday Cake to India from USA

“Cakes - making birthdays special since time immemorial.” This is enough to explain what a cake is to someone alien to its concept. Cakes are the staple of any birthday party and if your loved one in India is having one, then sending a palatable cake would be a cool idea! The thought of sending something delicate and easily perishable like a cake must be putting a question mark over your head. But hey, we are the experts at handling such challenges! We are here to make the process of sending birthday cakes to India easy in a few simple steps. The thought of sending something delicate and easily perishable like a c