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When you send gifts to India, they are memorable and special because of the love that you put in them. Online gifts are the best way to go, if you can’t gift in person. At this online gift store, we realize that your gifts are so much more than just presents. The fact that they are specially created for an intended recipient adds tremendous value and that’s why they can be cherished better, for longer. There are a variety of occasions that call for sending gifts to India; and due to their unique nature of these occasions, they deserve gifts tailored to suit the event in question. Birthdays are special times to tr

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Pricing Strategies

How pricing strategies can boost sales of your online store?

Pricing strategies is the key for online stores. However, people buy through online store as the products are available for cheap rates. Send gifts to India from USA is now a reality with this trusted online shopping portal delivering gifts all over India with best quality product within the budget. India gifts are very popular among Indians. There is plenty of activity seen on online stores during any Indian festival or occasion and if the prices are hiked and tweaked at those occasions then the online sales will definitely surge the sales of the online store. Pricing strategies depends upon the concepts like affiliate mar

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Handmade Products

How handmade products can increase sales in your online store?

Handmade products are costly though are always in great demand when you decide to send gift to India or any other country. Hand made products looks much better than the machine made products comfort wise and is assumed to be special. They are definitely better and in heavy demand worldwide. Better products will take you to the next level of success. Undoubtedly, handmade products are known to be the best products for online shopping at present definitely as they are in great demand.  Handmade Products means gifts which are not machine made or made in hand with raw materials. They have a beauty of their own and are alwa

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Online Sales

How To Increase Your Online Sales

The race for selling online products is increasing day by day and all the online shopping portals are facing a tough competition to make their mark in the market. There are lots of components that affect whether or not customers purchase from you or not, most could be traced to psychology. In depth analysis has been performed to indicate us what actually makes individuals purchase a certain product from a certain website. It has been found out that the quality of the products, the ease of navigating through the page, the price of the product as well as proper marketing effect in the overall online sales of a company. When anyon

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Gifts to India Delivers Gifts to India

Since the epoch-making inventions in the fields of computers and Internet, contemporary lives have experienced a lot of amenities which seemed some distant dreams in yesteryears. From medication to transport, from communication to entertainment, every sphere has gone through a sea-change. One such a boon that comes hand-in-hand with these advancements, is online gifting. Now, we can just sit and relax in the armchair while their gifts get delivered to the desired destination without any sort of hassles. This worldwide network has truly made the world turn into a global village. E-gifting has facilitated much, as sending gift

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Wide Network

In this world, human relations matter a lot.  Family members, friends and other near and dear ones make life appear complete and beautiful.  It is the essence of being there for each other in good and bad times which strengthens the bond.  In India, a lot of importance is given to family and personal relationships. Indians, where ever they are across the globe, want to remain connected to their loved ones.  During the time of special occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Diwali, Durga Puja and other personal events of loved ones like Birthdays, Anniversaries and th

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Multiple Currency Options

Today currency is not just simple paper notes, but it has assumed a much broader global significance. Online transactions in the modern times include plastic currencies like credit and debit cards, paypal and google checkout payment systems. Online shopping is largely dependent on these modes of payment. The option of online payment through multiple options makes the whole experience of shopping over the internet more enjoyable. You can avail the services at your own ease and pay just the way you like. is a customer friendly and flexible gifting site. It is not only about delivering gifts, but also about

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24x7 Support for Sending Gifts to India

Today’s population is living in a fast paced world. The world is becoming one giant wired village unaffected by the barriers of time zones, geography and climatic variations. Everybody is living in the 24x7 world. ‘24x7’ means that in this fast pacing world nothing is unattainable, one can get anything, go anywhere, do everything and avail any service round the clock. The time barrier cannot hinder the objectives and wishes from finding their desired way. Today if a little baby craves for chocolates and cakes at 2 am in the morning, there are services to deliver it to him. Be it health care, travel, media, to

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