Gifts play an integral part in celebrations. To express your feelings and love to your dear ones, you can send them exclusive gifts to overwhelm them. If you are looking for gifts within a budget of rs 500, then it might be a little hectic to find the right gifts. But don't worry we have the best exclusive gifts under the budget of rs 500 that will excite your loved ones these gifts are thoughtful as well as budget-friendly. So if you wish to know more you can read this article and learn about these exclusive budget-friendly gift ideas. 

Sending gifts to your loved ones is a way of expressing your admiration for them. It spreads happiness and warmth of love to the recipient. But those who think it only conveys regard haven’t thought, it works both ways. The recipient indeed feels happy but at the same time, the sender also feels the sparks of joy. For some sending gifts in India to their loved ones is a way of communication, to some, it is their love language. If you love to send gifts to your loved ones, you must be in dire need of ideas. If you are also constrained with budget, then you are at the right place. Here, we have a list of exclusive gifts for your loved ones just under rs 500. These budget-friendly gifts are not basic and they look thoughtful. This means these gifts can be heartwarming gifts for your loved ones that they will cherish. So, let’s get started with budget-friendly gifts for India under rs 500 for your loved ones that you can send and make them the happiest.

1. Flowers

The best gift under this budget is flowers. If you always thought flowers are expensive then you were not wrong about it, they are indeed expensive and sophisticated. A gift that will express your appreciation to the recipient. But what you might not know is that they are available under the budget of rs 500 as well. You can opt for a bouquet instead of a basket and vase arrangement. A bouquet of any flower that your loved ones might like can be a great choice or maybe a bouquet with some beautiful and affordable flowers like roses, gerberas, and orchids along with some gypsophila is going to make the bouquet look enchanting. Hence, an amazing gift for your loved ones who like flowers. Chocolate and flowers gifts can be the best gift when you want to appreciate someone for their constant efforts. A wonderful way to create memories with your gifts for India

2. Chocolates

The universal gift of all time is chocolates. We don’t even have to say why people like chocolates. Receiving chocolates as gifts makes one feel special, this is a gift that leaves one craving for more. This means you can send this gift to your loved ones many times and they will end up craving for more. With the variety of options in chocolate every time you send this as gifts in India to your loved ones, you can send a different combination of chocolates. It will make a different gift all the time but with the same managed budget and gift. You can opt for dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate along with combinations of nuts, dry fruits, and nuts, and even fresh fruits coated with chocolates. All these types of chocolates can come under the budget of rs.500 which will give you the liberty to choose the combination of chocolates based on your loved ones' preference. A scrumptious and delightful budget-friendly gift indeed. You can even send these as budget Diwali gifts for employees

3. Dry Fruits and Nuts 

Want a gift that is budget-friendly and at the same time healthy? No no, you’re not too demanding because we’ve got just the thing for you. How about sending dry fruit and nuts to your loved ones? Sounds good, there must be any dry fruit they love to eat be it pistachios, almonds, raisins, walnuts, cashews, figs, prunes, dates, fox nuts, cranberries and so much more. You can just gift them a sweet little bag or box of their favorite dry fruits and nuts or maybe create a mixed hamper and send them as a gift. As you can see there's a plethora of options when it comes to dry fruits and nuts you must know by now that you will have no difficulties in sending a gift if you choose dry fruits and nuts. This is going to be a special gift with health benefits that your loved ones will surely love.

4. Sweets

It is one of the traditions of India that every good and auspicious event starts and ends on a sweet note. If you want to send a gift abiding by the traditions but wishing to stay within the budget you have in mind then you can always send some mouthwatering savorsome traditional sweets to your loved ones that will be within the budget. You can choose traditional sweets like peda, kaju barfi, mewa phool, barfi, ladoo, gulabjamun and so much more for your loved ones. It will be the best gift for those who love traditional sweets. So, the one with a sweet tooth can be treated with this gift and it can be good budget Diwali gifts for employees too. 

5. Accessories

Exclusive Gifts under Rs.500 in India

It may sound expensive but there are many options when it comes to accessories. Along with the option, you will get many choices to choose from. Based on your budget you can opt for accessories like bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants and so much more. There are resin accessories that are trending now, just like that you can either choose the trendiest accessory. Or what you can do is just stick to the classic metal accessories. We are certain you will be able to find the right accessory for your loved ones if you decide to gift accessory to your loved ones. It will be a budget-friendly gift that they will be able to use in their daily life and be reminded of you. Isn’t it a good budget-friendly gift to send as gifts in India?

6. Desk Plants

Plants are the best gift that you can send to someone. The health benefits are plenty and if you are worried about whether your loved one will be able to take off the plant or not then let us assure you that desk plants are mostly succulents and are the most low-maintenance of plants. Your loved ones can forget to water them but they will remain as they are. Hence, a plant that will bloom in any hands. It comes under your budget of rs 500. You can send your loved ones a small succulent that they can keep at their desk and be reminded of you. This gift is not only budget-friendly, but very thoughtful too. So if you are looking for a gift like that then maybe consider these cute little succulent plants.

7. Personalized Mugs

Gifts with personal touches are the most thoughtful and loved at the same time are rare. Think of sending a personalized mug to your loved ones in this budget. Yes, it is nothing to be surprised. We have saved the best for the last! The best gift that you can send to your loved ones is a personalized mug. A mug is a very close article that an individual owns so sending such an intimate thing with a personal touch is going to be a thoughtful gift. If you wish to send a rare gift and at the same time heart touching then a personalized mug tops the charts. 

The best thing about these gifts is that they are not generic. You can send these gifts to any of your relatives and make them happy. Thinking of a gift out of the blue might be hectic and nothing comes to mind as well, hence these budget-friendly gifts can help you decide what you want to send. We are certain some of the gifts in this list are new to you and you may not have thought that these gifts could be this affordable. Now, that you know how to send these budget-friendly gifts don’t wait any longer and send these wonderful gifts in India and surprise your loved ones.

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