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Worldwide, 15th day of October is celebrated as Boss Day. Predominantly a concept native to the US, today Boss's Day is celebrated in India. Just like any other commemorative observance, Boss Day in India also includes gifting and feasting to its very core.

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    Popular Gift Ideas for Boss Day

    The celebration of Boss Day was originally organised only in the United States and very few other countries. But with the passage of time, this occasion has gained a much more universal hold and is now celebrated throughout the world. India also celebrates this day which generally falls on the 16th of October. Choosing and sending gifts online is becoming extremely popular and you will find many websites to send gifts to India to your loved ones there. These gifts will be cherished by them and they will thank you profusely for it. You will find many attractive Boss Day gift ideas here that are most popular for this special event. These gift ideas have been listed here to make your job of finding the perfect gift for your boss even more easier. Cakes Sumptuous cakes are a necessary part of any occasion and this holds true for Boss Day as well. Many delectable cakes are available here on our online gift store for this very special occasion. These cakes come in different shapes and flavours that will attract the attention of your boss. Interesting round, heart and square shaped cakes are available here that will make a delightful gift. The flavours that these cakes come in are chocolate, butterscotch, pineapple and vanilla. The Round Pineapple Cake is a kilo in weight which makes it a perfect accompaniment for any intimate and cosy occasion. This beautiful eggless cake is of a pineapple flavour with a perfectly round shape. The cake is covered with fresh cream on top of which is a pretty design of a white flower with green leaves.   Chocolates Chocolates are the most popular gift idea for any occasion and Boss Day is no exception. There is no age limit for loving chocolates and therefore they will be a great treat for this particular occasion. This online gifting portal offers you three categories from which you can definitely choose an item that is suited to your needs. The chocolates and cookies section consists of mouth-watering chocolates and cookies from brands like Hershey’s, Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher and Royal Dansk. The chocolate hampers contain chocolates along with goodies like dry fruits, sweets, namkeen and soft toys. The handmade chocolates are specially made with a different taste and texture that is in contrast to regular commercial chocolates. The Tray of Assorted Chocolates is a visual treat in itself and will be loved by your boss. It contains delicacies like Choco Pies, 5 Stars, Ferrero Rochers and Dairy Milks that are available in abundant quantity.   Dry Fruits A healthy treat of dry fruits will be the best gift that you can send on any occasion and especially so for this one. Modern day bosses are very health conscious and therefore this is a tasty and apt gift for them. A variety of dry fruits in various forms are available here that will be great delight to the receiver. Items like pistachios, raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and mango candies are found here separately as well as in combo packs. Hampers are also available containing items like sweets, chocolates, vouchers, shagun coins and silver gifts other than these delectable dry fruits. The Healthy Health combo pack is an interesting combination of different kinds of dry fruits in a beautiful thali. It contains raisins, pistachios, cashew nuts and almonds in a square tray. The tray itself is very beautiful being golden in colour with floral and other motifs.   Flowers You can gift flowers to your boss on this occasion and this will definitely please him or her on this special day. Beautiful flowers with exotic fragrances are loved by everyone and thus they make a great gift. The flowers for the  occasion of Boss Day on this online gift store have been categorised into three parts. The assorted flowers section contain specially hand-picked flowers that have been that have been arranged into pretty bouquets and baskets. The exclusive arrangements are special arrangements that have been constructed from tropical flowers in bouquets, baskets and vases. The life size arrangements are elegant arrangements of flowers in large bouquets and formations. The Oriental Bouquet is very eye catching and has flowers like roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums and orchids in pink and white colours. The flowers are made into a bouquet tied with a pink satin cloth.   Boss Day Gift Hampers Many kinds of Boss Day gift hampers are available on our gifting website which will make a great gift for that person who has had such a great influence on your professional life. A hamper is a good gift as it is a collection of small gifts instead of one large gifts. The hampers here have interesting items like cufflinks, apparels, vouchers, table clocks, pen sets, personal care items, belts, perfumes, dry fruits, silver gifts, sweets and bags. The Signature Hamper will be a perfect gift for your bosses in India and they will definitely cherish this very special gift. It contains a Pierre Cardin pen set along with two bowls containing cashew nuts and almonds. The bowls and the adjoining tray are made from silver and thus they make a very precious gift.   Stationery Stationery is a good gift for those who use these items regularly and thus it is the perfect gift for the occasion of Boss Day. Good quality stationeries are appreciated by everyone and thus your boss will greatly appreciate it. The stationery and pen set section on the Boss Day category of our online gifting portal is divided into two sections. Beautiful desk organisers and pen sets are available here in different styles and designs. The Westend Wooden Delight pen set comes from the Westend company which is a very famous one. The sleek wooden pen is skin in colour with a very shiny metal tip and holder. The wooden pen holder is of a similar colour and looks very elegant.   These gifts are easily affordable and will be perfect to be sent as cheap gifts to India. Gifts for other occasions are also available here that will be loved by your dear ones in India. You can find many interesting birthday gifts to India here and the birthday girl or boy in India will always remember you for it.  

  • Boss Day Gifts

    Surprise Your Boss with Exclusive Corporate Gifts on Boss Day

    By now there are a number of companies operating across the world including India and to celebrate occasions in such offices corporate gifts are used. There are a number of popular gift items available in the online market. There are popular gifts for the special occasions like candles, candle holders, pen holders, leather bags, corporate gift baskets, customized corporate gift items, sports items, kitchen appliances, and other branded products. Some premium gift items in this context include tableware and crockery products, watches, bluetooth speakers, pen drives, household gift items, home decor related items and power bank for mobile phones. Surprisingly we have the Boss Day at the time of the year when the employees display faith and allegiance to their bosses, supervisors and employers. It helps to build a bond of trust and understanding between the employer and the employee. There are nations where the day is observed as a holiday but some nations resume work after sparing some moments indulging in fun and merrymaking inside the office premises. Since the day is centred on the boss therefore the employees do their bit to please the employer sometimes as a part of the office team and at other times individually.   Not just on the occasion of boss’s day, but also if there is a wedding or any other celebrations taking place in India then the choice of the gift item has to be perfect. The wedding gifts to India can be many. If you are a potential buyer then an online catalogue may aid you in choosing the type of gift items that you can give to the prospective brides and grooms. In an age of online commerce, purchasing things have simplified to a large extent. All you require to do is go online, type the keyword with the relevant items to make the search on a reputed search engine and make searches. There are engagement gifts, personalized wedding gifts, wedding gifts for couples, separate wedding gifts for grooms and brides as well as gifts for many other such occasions. The popular websites offer to the customers a variety of options to choose from. The employee can choose the item of his preference, add them to the shopping cart and then send personalized gifts to India if he happens to reside outside the country. There are a number of personalized gift items that the user can get to view in a web portal. The entire process is very lucid and it’s fast and quite hassle free. Therefore if you contemplate to send gifts to India same day delivery, you can choose websites that offer such facilities. There are portals that provide same day delivery options and our online gifting portal is the best in this regard.   So, for Boss Day gift ideas or for notions related to other occasions, it is recommended to take certain steps. The web is a source of brilliant ideas and therefore you can use it. You can consult with other members of your team, if you are part of the same office and come up with themes to celebrate the day along with appropriate gifts.  

  • Boss Day Gifts

    Send Healthy yet Tasty Dry Fruits as Gifts on Boss Day

    Many companies in India, operated by individuals, prefer to maintain a healthy diet for themselves and the keen observations of employees tries to take advantage of the Boss Day gift ideas to mark the occasion. They think of gifting dry fruits like kaju, badam, pista, cashew and many more such delectable items to their employers, especially on such occasions. Such fruit items have high nutritional content in them and therefore are much appreciated by the receivers. Boss Day, which is celebrated every year, helps to unite the employers and employees. The prime objective of such an event is to create an environment of mutual understanding among the employers and employees. This helps in the long run to boost the performance of the company employees. Thus, Boss Day is a very important and much awaited festival all over the world and is celebrated with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. The dry fruits are an excellent gift option that the employees serving in an office can deliberate to gift to their employers. Items like cashew, raisin, almond, pistachio, walnut and mango candy are available here that you can easily gift to your boss on this special day. Besides, food items like cakes, pastries and chocolates are also available. There are online portals available that are considered as the best site to send gifts to India if working individuals are stationed outside India. The site features permit the sender to choose from a list of gift items. Upon selection, he can make the necessary purchases and send the gift to the appropriate address. Dry fruit hampers like almond basket, assorted dry fruit, and badam with pista, cashew basket, exotic dry fruit box, and pista, raisins and walnuts basket are included as gift options in this e-commerce portal. The items are categorized according to the prices and quantities.   In this context, it is necessary to say that not just on Boss Day but for every other occasion like birthday parties and marriage ceremonies gifts are an integral part. For the participants in the occasion, it is unimaginable to attend and celebrate the occasion without gifts. Therefore, in order to celebrate the birthdays, you need to send personalised gifts to India. In this context, it is pertinent to mention about gifts like jewellery, flowers, perfumes, handbags, chocolates, romantic rose bouquets and other such items. There are websites which offer quick delivery of these items at modest rates and sometimes items have discounts on deals in certain occasions. Availing the items in those occasions saves money and time on the part of the customers.   Since this is an age of e-commerce, most transactions related to the purchase of dry fruit, chocolates, and other gifts are carried out online. While handling a transaction the objective is to ensure that it is done smoothly and effortlessly. This website has been used by many customers to send gifts to India online encompassing gift items that will easily fit into your budget. The users can then get quality items at reasonable prices through us.  

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    Last minute gift ideas for Boss Day

    Celebrating Boss day is a big deal and amazing Boss day gift ideas can add joy and happiness to the occasion. The day is celebrated every year to boost the employer-employee relationship in a corporate enterprise. Usually October 16th is regarded as the Bosses day in some countries, whereas in some, the 17th day of the month of October is hailed as the Bosses day. In this regard, it is contextual to mention that not all countries observe this day as the holiday. Significance of Boss Day Modern companies require skilled workforce adept in delivering quality output in terms of service. In these enterprises, both performance and perseverance matters. If a hired employee manages to exhibit both at the same time, half of the battle is won, implies the boss gets impressed. In an age of tremendous competition, dedicated and hardworking employees are very much liked by a serious employer. Yet, among those who are not quite sure about themselves, they adopt other strategies to generate a positive impression in the minds of their supervisor. Companies prefer candidates in their workforce who are smart, well dressed, well fed. And if employees can please their boss on the occasion of Boss day then there is nothing like that. Boss Day Gift Ideas The Boss’s day gift ideas are many but if the pertinent event is near and you are yet to decide upon one such notion then considering the following options prove to be effective. You can ponder of gifting your boss items like:- 1. Parker ball point pen 2. Make a decision notepad 3. Stainless steel leadership pen holder 4. Stainless steel pocket watch 5. Sarcastic ball Other featured offers include funny mugs, personalized doctor’s gifts, unique gourmet gifts, wine subscription club etc. There are a variety of gift items mentioned in the websites and the customers need to make a decision in the selection of the item as gift in a creative, thoughtful manner to express appreciation, gratitude to the supervisor, manager. The category of gifts includes sports, recreation, food, office accessories, personalized items, etc. Pre-order your gift items if you are unable to attend parties However, whether it is Boss day or birthday there are websites to send gifts to India. These portals have a variety of items as gifts that the customers can purchase online, and send to the desired destination. If you are remotely located and are unable to attend a party being held at a place in India, then you can use services of such portals. You can pre-order your gift items like ball point pen mention the destination details and send them to that address. In that way, despite your physical absence, you managed to display your participation in the event. In this way, owing to digitization, things have become a lot simpler as it used to do earlier. The online gifting portals that offer boss’s day gift items also offer gift items for birth and marriage celebrations. Birthdays are occasions that we do not like to miss and for that we feel happy if we receive gifts from our near and dear ones on such events. The birthday gifts to India include cakes, other confectionery items, greeting cards, chocolates, etc. There are a variety of items out on display that qualify as birthday gifts. The sender of such gift items need to choose the items according to the tastes, preferences of the person whose birthday is to be celebrated. If the gift item is purely digital like an e-greeting card then it can be sent via the web or there are proper delivery mechanisms through which such gift items can be sent to the receiver. There are online gifting portals available where you can search for free online gift items. Others offer cheap gifts to India. So far as the quality aspect is concerned, it is needless to comment on that. But yet many endeavour to search for the best possible premium gift items at affordable prices to offer to their near and dear ones on special occasions.

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    Delight your boss with tasty cakes and chocolates on Boss Day

    As more and more business houses are coming into existence, there is an ever growing requirement for human resources to operate the offices, the boss day gift ideas therefore come into action to mark such events. While conceiving the modern day corporate culture, one from an employee’s perspective, cannot but rule out the presence of spacious, well furnished, air conditioned offices, educated, well mannered employees and above all an understanding boss. Employees endeavour to ensure that their bosses feel contented on this day Though it is not a nationwide holiday, and work is worship. Amidst other activities, employees endeavour to ensure that their bosses feel contented at this day. In India, there are office spaces distributed across the length and breadth of the country. Smart offices have smart people working, always on the lookout for opportunity to impress their supervisors on this day by gifting cakes and chocolates. This is an old tradition and has been continuing ever since the inception of the so called modern office culture. The E-commerce portals are the most preferred option to send online gifts. In earlier times, employees used to hand over gift and other such items. However, with the advent of the web the situation has altered drastically and online commercial websites are used for sending cakes, puddings, chocolates. There are some websites that guide you to send online gifts Now, you do not require moving yourself to somebody’s doorsteps to present a gift. Instead, you can use the services of online commercial websites in such matters. The e-commerce web portals are useful for people staying overseas to send gifts to India with same day delivery features. It is the most preferred option if anybody is staying abroad desires to send gift to his Indian boss, staying in the country. To send egifts is simple. So if you are employed with a company and far away from your boss, then the best way to display your reverence to him is to send online gifts to India. The process is quite simple. There are some websites that guide you to send online gifts. The advantages are plenty. It is less time consuming, effective and very prompt. The gifts include chocolates, cakes, and greeting cards There are different anniversary gift items that an employee can choose to give to his employers. The anniversary gifts to India include many items. For majority of the Indian companies, the gifts include chocolates, cakes, and greeting cards. But at the end of the day, it’s the performance, diligence of an employee that matters most for a serious employer. If an employee is hardworking then the showcasing of an individual’s allegiance to an employer by handing a gift becomes irrelevant. Nowadays online bakeries like offer their clients’ quality bakery items like dark chocolate, black forest, plain chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, and other type of fruit cakes. Besides, these stores engage in selling dairy milk chocolates and other type of items that are apt for consumption during such events. However, since the day came into existence it is celebrated by employers as well as employees together with cakes and chocolates to understand each other in a better way. Such mutual understanding leads to better coordination, subsequent enhanced performance, and production leading to greater profit margins.