Durga Puja

Being one of the most overhyped Hindu festival, Durga Puja is celebrated with enough pomp and pleasure all throughout India. Though the festival has its roots in the eastern parts of the country, today Durga Puja scripts a gala jubilation across the continents. It is celebrated annually in the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin and is a five day long festival, culminating in Dussera, or the tenth day. Being the most significant sociocultural event in Bengal, the festival of Durga puja leads to limitless fun, frolic and festivity among the Bengali community. Modern traditions have come to include the display of highly decorated pandals(temporary structures set up to revere the goddess) and artistically depicted idols of Goddess Durga. Exchange of Bijoya greetings and publication of Puja Annuals by various Puja organising committees are very popular nowadays. The articles as follow in this section talk about the Durga Puja celebrations, and the essence of sending various gifts to India during this festival.


Customs and Rituals of Durga Puja

Durga Puja or Bengalis' Durgotsav, is the greatest annual festival in the eastern region of India, mainly in West Bengal. Starting from Mahalaya or Debipokkho (Fortnight of the Goddess) this amazing festivity continues until the immersion of the Durga idol i.e. on Vijaya Dashami. Though this eminent festival is five day long feast, the zeal associated with the festival takes a flying start months before. Mahalaya, the no-moon day (Amavyasa) of the month of Ashwin, marks the beginning of the Durga puja festivities. Then after six days, the Durgotsav starts with Panchami (fifth day) and ends with Dashami (tenth day). Though the m

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Send gifts to India on Durga Puja and convey your warm wishes

Come to India on this October and you will experience the celebrations of the most pompous Hindu festival - Durga Puja. Overlapping the stature of just a mere festival, Durga Puja has acclaimed to the status akin to that of a carnival. A time for homecoming, the Pujas script a sound admixture of unadulterated fun, frolic, and amusement. Durga Puja is an inseparable part of Bengali culture and tradition. And offering the annual worship to Goddess Durga has been a much popular practice since time immemorial. Adorned in new attires, Bengalis in India flock together to hop through different pandals with an intense enthusiasm. Ir

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