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Flowers are always a beauty. They are of different colours and shape. On various occasions flowers convey unsaid words and feelings. Always lively flowers improve the mood of individuals. This chapter talks about the different flowers which can be sent to India to your loved ones. Flowers can be sent as gifts to every body, whether a child or an adult. This chapter also discusses why you need to send flowers to India, Top 10 Flower Arrangements and Significance of Different Rose Colours. There are different floral arrangements which enthrall by their charisma. Flowers as gifts are special. It’s your way of making your dear ones feel that they are special.

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  • Flower Gifts

    Flowers: The best gift for every occasion and relation

    “Flowers are the music of the ground, from Earth’s lips, spoken without sound”. It is believed that the mere sight of flowers can harbour hope in us. Flowers speak volumes with it's beauty and fragrance. Many unspoken things can be spoken with flowers. So whatever might be the occasion, you will find that flowers are the best gifts which you can send as Gifts to India for every occasion or festival, to any person, of any age, irrespective of the gender and you will find that it never fails to bring a smile. This online gifting portal of India brings for you various types of flower arrangements which you can choose to send as India gifts to your beloved ones on every occasion. Elegant Flowers are the best gift of Almighty for the mankind. The beautiful flowers enhance beauty and look of the ambiance. This gifting portal offers you variety of flowers in exotic arrangements. Send these gifts to India and let your dear ones in India possess these gifts for a long period of time. Enthrall them with the beauty of Rose baskets, Gerbera collection, Orchids and Lilies.   The exclusive assortments of flowers in baskets, bouquets contributes to a scenic abode. Sending these gifts to India will be the means of conveying warm regards and love on a special occasion. Flowers add glory to every occasion. Flowers are the most beautiful creation of God. Their sight is a joy forever. They are a subject of poetry and no Natural description is complete without reference to flowers. Their beauty is sung by some of the best poets of the world.   As wedding and birthday gift ideas, you can always choose flower hampers from our wide range of flower hampers. These hampers are a collection of many gifts which commemorate to make make a wonderful gift. The mere gesture of gifting chocolates or cakes or soft toys with flowers are unique in itself and a very thoughtful process. The love you express by sending these gifts will surely help the receiver to understand your emotions.   If you are deeply in love and want to make your special one feel crazy about you then giving flower baskets can surely make you do that. A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Flowers help two souls blossom for each other. Feelings aroused by the touch of someone's hand, the sound of music, the smell of a flower, a beautiful sunset, a work of art, love, laughter, hope and faith - all work on both the unconscious and the conscious aspects of the self, and they have physiological consequences as well.    

  • Gifts

    Gifts of Exotic Flower Arrangements to make moments special

    Flowers make excellent gift option in most of the occasion and festivals such as Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine, Mothers’ Day, Teachers’ Day, Diwali and so on. Some people find flowers as the perfect gift since it inspires one to have a good day ahead, how hard life seems to him/her. Flowers are such as roses are chosen due to their beauty and fragrance. Flowers moreover, heighten the decor of a room or office. Some flowers are perfect gift for people who are in love. Flowers can also be added with other gifts that would definitely make the gift even more attractive. Send gifts to India on any occasion and make the moment even more special., one of the most proficient gifting portal has been delivering online gifts since 1999. And has won many satisfied hearts owing to its dedicated customer support team and proficient delivery service. Its great collection of gifts also deserves a special mention. Not only in India you can also send gifts to other countries such as UK,USA,Canada, Australia and so on. Hence whatever may be the destination, you can be rest assured that your gifts to India will reach the recipient on time and in perfect condition. Since we are discussion about flowers, this is a wonder gifting idea that can add color to any ambiance. This portal has arranged a wide collection of Flowers to send as gifts. Each flower has a special meaning and significance. Not only this, flower speaks thousand words that your words may fail to convey. Hence on any special occasion, a bunch of flowers is a perfect gift to express your love and precious emotions. Flowers furthermore, is a token of love and a perfect way to greet one. Occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day or Parent’s Day, the special person is honored, showed love and gratitude with a bunch of flowers. Flowers also can be a perfect gift to say one ‘Thank You’. Nothing comes in compare to flowers to send as Congratulatory Gift or Sorry Gift. Hence whatever may be the occasion or event flowers play a significant role.  According to Christian legend, pink carnations are believed to have first grown where the Virgin Mary, shed tears over Jesus’s death. Hence, people believe carnations are the symbol of a mother’s unconditional love and care towards her child. Red carnations signify admiration while white ones stand for the remembrance who is no longer alive. Hence if you are planning to gift that special person this season, you can definitely go away with carnations. In the Carnations section, you will find a wide collection of arrangement to make your pick from. In the Flower Arrangements section, exquisite flowers are available in varied arrangements. These flowers are decorated in attractive vases and handmade baskets, which again are decorated with satin ribbons, nets and so on. Flowers such as roses, orchids, carnations, lilies, gerberas are many more to name a few are arranged in these flower arrangements. Valentine’s Day is the day to show love and affection to that very special person in your life. To make this occasion joyful, you can send roses or some Valentine special flowers. A bunch of roses convey your feeling without words. If you send gift to your friend, yellow roses would be a perfect choice this Valentine. And best gift for your beloved is a red rose, that may be single or in a bunch. In the Roses section of this portal you will be overwhelmed to see a great collection of flowers. To make your occasion extra special, these roses are again decked and arranged in handmade baskets and vases Since no occasion or festival is complete without beautiful flowers, send exotic arrangements of flowers on any occasion to add charm to that special event. Flowers as gifts will be cherished by your loved ones, no matter what the event is.  

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    Gift Artificial Flowers & Real flowers through

    Flowers are the most beautiful aspects of nature. The presence of bright flower adds a fresh charm to the environment. Whenever, we see blooming flowers in the garden or roadside, a sweet smile automatically comes on our face. Our mood suddenly changes and we begin to praise its beauty. Beautiful flowers usually leaves a positive impact on our mind and soul. Hence, flowers can be opted for as gifts to India on any occasion or festival. Sending flowers as gifts is an old age custom. People send flowers to convey heartfelt emotions to their dear ones. What you can’t express a bouquet of flowers will definitely to it. Flowers can be send as gift to your mom, sister, beloved, father, brother, grandfather, grandmother and so on. They will be delighted to receive such wonderful flowers as gifts. Hence, if you are thinking to send flowers to India then you can take the help of a popular e-gifting portal In this online store, you will avail lovely flowers. Moreover, the site will take utmost care in delivering fresh flowers to the recipient on time. The ‘Flower’ section comes with wide range of flowers like roses, lilies, carnations, gerberas and so on. The flowers are clearly segregated into different categories. This will definitely help you to select pretty flowers for your loved ones. You will avail single flower arrangements as well as assorted flower arrangements. If your dear ones love roses you can opt for a basket or bouquet of roses. You will avail flowers in various colors - red, pink, yellow, orange, white and so on. However, recipient’s preference must be kept in mind before you send flowers. If she loves pink lilies then you must opt for pink lilies instead of white or yellow. She will definitely appreciate it. You can send flowers that must go with the occasion. For instance, if you want to say ‘Get Well Soon’ to your dear one then you can opt for light colored roses like white, light yellow, light orange and so on. For Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary etc you can send a vibrant red rose arrangement. Your dear one will be pleased to receive these beautiful flowers as gifts. Moreover, each flower has special significance. For example, red roses symbolise love and passion while white carnations represent simplicity, purity and innocence. Hence, you can send flowers that should match your dear one’s characteristic traits. Along with real flowers you can even enthrall your dear ones by sending artificial flowers. Unlike real flowers, artificial flowers remain lifelong and can be easily maintained. You can send artificial flowers to India and charm your loved ones. Beautiful artificial flowers like gerberas, carnations, roses etc come in the’ Artificial flower’ section. One will hardly believe them to be artificial. You can send these flowers on occasions like Housewarming, ThanksGiving Day and so on. Your dear one will love to decorate his/her home with these attractive artificial flowers. With these flowers they can even decorate their office premises. The vibrant flowers come in various arrangements such as vase, basket and so on. Along with flowers you will also avail evergreen fern plants. Your dear one can keep these plants at the entrance of your home or in the drawing room or verandah. The presence of these flowers and plants will surely add special charm to your dear one’s home. Send these lovely flowers to India and make your dear ones feel special. They will be overwhelmed to receive such wonderful gifts.  

  • Gifts

    Send Flowers and Gifts to India through is a well known e-gifting portal that has been helping the NRIs over a decade in sending gifts to India. This online store showcases wide range of attractive gifts for various occasions and festivals. You can reliably send gifts to India to your dear ones on any special event. It has an efficient customer support as well as delivery services which will help you in delivering gifts on time.  Hence, send gifts and make any occasion joyful. If you are thinking to send something simple yet admirable then you can opt for beautiful flower bouquet. Flowers are the perfect gift to express love and emotion. They are considered as the symbol of love and adoration. On occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc people commonly gift flowers. Beautiful and vibrant appeal of the flowers often leave a positive impact on a person’s mind and soul. Hence, you can brighten up your dear ones day by sending lovely flowers from the ‘flower’ section. Flowers such as Orchids, Roses, Carnations, Gerberas and Lilies are available in this site. Before you send flowers to your dear ones you must know their taste. If he/she loves red roses you can delight him/her by presenting a lovely red rose flower basket or bouquet. Since flowers are loved by everyone, you can even charm your dear ones by sending mixed flower arrangement. Along with flowers you can enthrall your loved ones by sending other gifts to India. Mouth-watering flavors of cakes such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc are also avail in this site. If your loved ones are fond of chocolates you can opt for delectable chocolate hampers. Assorted chocolates from renowned brands such as Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Valor etc are available in these hampers. Your dear ones will love to eat these chocolates. Moreover, on any festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Rakhi etc you can give a palatable treat to your loved ones by sending Indian sweets with dry fruits. For your kids you can avail wide variety of games such as video games, educational games, indoor games and so on. The site also brings gift for infants. Thus you can congratulate your dear ones on the birth of their new born baby by sending babycare hampers. If you are thinking to gift something special to your mom, sister or wife a beautiful saree with matching jewellery set will be an ideal gift. You can even opt for fancy bag and a perfume for your dear lady. If your lady loves to cook you can delight her by sending exclusive crockery items such as frying pan, tawa, pressure cooker and so on. She will enjoy cooking with these cookware items. In this site you will avail gifts for your dad, brother, boyfriend as well as husband. Men are always fond of electronics such as mobiles, digital cameras and so on. Hence you can opt for these items from the ‘Electronics’ section. Men’s personal care items, watch, gift hampers, apparels are wonderful gifts that you can send on any grand occasion. These wonderful gifts will definitely amaze your loved ones. Send gifts to India through this proficient online store and make any event filled with joy and happiness.    

  • Gifts

    Delivery of Cheap Cakes and Flowers to India

    Gifts can speak a thousand words. Gifts always strengthen the bonds. They are the avenues to convey reverence, gratitude and regards. Gifts have the magical power of melting even the stone-heart. A gift from a dear one who lives miles away in another city or another country, fills up the heart with an inexpressible happiness. Sometimes, gifts come as a sweet surprise and sometimes as a remembrance. And gifts on special occasion, brighten up the faces with smiles. With the advancement in the field of technology and Internet, there have been tons of reformations and the reformations are for the good. In the realms of gifting too, there has been a drastic change in the mentality of the consumers who now tend to shop online. Hence, a host of online shopping portals have emerged. An array of online gifting portal ushered in as well to facilitate e-gifting. Amongst all, is the pioneer website that facilitates the global Indians to send gifts to India on any occasion and festivals. There are plethora of gifts that are being showcased herein. The proficient and timely delivery service of the company ensures that your gifts will reach your loved ones right on the time of festivity. This company also offers exclusive services as midnight delivery and Express Delivery. So, wait no more, send a special gift to India on a special occasion and be sure to draw a smiling curve on your dear ones' face. boasts an extensive collection of gifting articles. From Gift Hampers to Gift Vouchers, Home Decor items to Personalized Gifts, there are gifts that is sure to leave you spoiled for choices. However, if you wish to add to the happy note to an occasion then, you cannot go wrong with Cakes and Flowers combo. Combination of the delectable taste of mouth-watering cakes and elegance of flowers will make an occasion even more special. Enthrall your dear ones by sending exclusive arrangements of flowers and cakes from the huge collection offered by The mind-blowing assortments of delicious chocolate cake or black-forest cake paired with a exclusive basket of 100 red roses or colorful orchids teamed with a pineapple cake is sure to win their hearts. The combo is available at an affordable price, making these gifts worth a pick. Flowers and Cakes on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are sure to render your deepest feelings of the heart. The melange of beauty and taste as the combo of Flowers and Cakes will attest will surely add to your dear ones' pleasure. Today, due to the contemporary career commitments many of us are living abroad. And one of the favorite destination of these migrated candidates is the States. So what if someone wants to send gifts from India to somewhere in the U.S.? Well here also has got an answer. With the availability of its reliable services across the Atlantic now it has become a matter of ease to send gifts to USA and let your near and dear ones feel the loving touch. Ranging from a wide variety of cakes to a plethora of some other gift items, this section of the global store is definite to captivate your senses to the very best. So, send gifts to USA with us and let the material barriers of miles and distance fade away. Send gifts to India to convey your special feelings to your loved ones. We, at offers you the most reliable avenue of sending gifts online. With our dedicated service and promptness in delivery, we have satisfied more than a million customers worldwide. Now, you can also place your order with us by making your payments through all major international currencies like US Dollar, GBP, Australian Dollar, etc. You may make your payments through major cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. The vast network of our presence throughout the entire country has made it possible for a prompt reach to every doorstep. No matter where your native place in India is, you can be sure of getting your gifts delivered to the desired doorstep right on time. let the gifts speak for your love. Express those deepest feelings wrapped with the gifts.