When is Mother’s Day UK in 2016 : The Ceremony Of Mothering Sunday

When is Mother’s Day UK in 2016

The United Kingdom celebrates Mother’s Day on a different day than the rest of the world. The celebrations here are wrought with religious and historical significance. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the Lent festival. This day is also known as Mothering Sunday throughout the country. Mothering Sunday has its roots in Britain’s glorious past where all domestic helps were given a leave on this day to visit their mother church or the church where they were baptised. This gave them a chance to reunite with their mother and also the rest of their family members. Though originally a Christian festival, this day has now gained a more secular outlook with the whole country, irrespective of religion and class, celebrating this day. If you are wondering when is Mother’s Day UK in 2016, then we would like to tell you that it is on the 6th of March.

Mother’s Day UK Celebrations

When is Mother’s Day UK in 2016

Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday was originally a day of celebration for the domestic help in the then England. It falls during the Lent festival which is a 40 days fasting period followed by the celebrations of Easter. The rigorous restrictions of Lent were uplifted only during the Mothering Sunday which is a joyous occasion of celebrating one’s return to their mother church. This day also celebrates the reunion of families who remain apart throughout the year due to different job locations. Thus, this is the day when the mother got to be close to all her children. They brought gifts for her and spent the whole day with her. This led to an indirect celebration of Mother’s Day on Mothering Sunday. With the passage of time, these two celebrations merged and turned into the occasion of Mother’s Day. This day is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show by all the people of this country.

Mother’s Day UK celebrations are carried out with a lot of fun, frolic and excitement. But this day still has a religious angle to it due to its origin. Simnel cakes and mothering buns are made in honour of this day. Simnel cakes are light fruit cakes whereas mothering buns are bread buns rich in flavour. This day celebrates not only the mothers but also all other mother figures in a person’s life like aunts, grandmothers and mothers-in-law. Children make greetings cards for their mothers and grandmothers and spend the day by helping them out in their daily chores. Mothers are treated to lunches, brunches and dinners with restaurants remaining booked from months ahead. They also receive lavish gifts and beautiful cards from their sons and daughters.

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Mother’s Day UK Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day UK Gift Ideas

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