When is Grandparents' Day in 2013?

Grandparents' Day 2013, 8th September, 2013
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In our lifespan we are encircled by different relationships. Mother and Father are the closest of them. But Grandparents’ are the most special persons in our life. In a family Grandparents are the senior most members. So they are the most respected and revered out of all members. Grandparents’, are persons who have earned a lot of experience in their lives so they can become the best teachers who can give us the lessons of life.

Grandparents share the sweetest relation with their Grandchildren. The little kids seek refuge in the arms of their Grandparents after they get a scolding from their parents. Grandparents are the only person who save their adorable grandchildren from the rage of their parents. In childhood it is the grandparents who tell stories to the little ones. Most of the children in India grow old, listening to the stories of epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and other fairy tales from the grandparents.

Gifts Thus it is very necessary to dedicate one day in an year to honor our loving Grandparents. United States of America observe Grandparents Day on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day. This celebration has now been spreading worldwide to different other countries, like India. There is a background behind the celebration of Grandparents Day in U.S. Some believe that a person named Michael Goldgar in the 1970s made efforts to have the day recognised as Grandparents Day after he went to see his aunt in a nursing home. Another story goes that a woman named Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade started educating citizens about the contributions old aged people had in society. It was her earnest request to the countrymen to adopt a grandparent with whom they will spend their entire life. Finally President Jimmy Carter in 1978 declared Grandparents’ Day formally in the country.

When is Grandparents Day in 2013?

Following the U.S model, India too observes Grandparents’ Day on the first day of September that falls after labor day. So this year that is on 2013, Grandparents’ Day falls on 8th September.

On this day people especially kids take Grandparents for an outing, spend the whole day with them, feast together and present them with special gifts. Currently in pre-schools, programmes are organised where toddlers bring their grandparents’ along with them and they are indulged in participating in different functions. Kids make Greetings card for their grandparents’ by drawing pictures and other craftworks. You can plan to send exciting gifts to India this year to your grandparents. But other than cards they can also opt for presenting exciting gifts for their affectionate grandparents’ like :

Spiritual Gifts - Your grandparent especially your grandma will be delighted to receive Spiritual Gifts on the occasion of Grandparents’ Day. In the old age when they spend most of the time in the name of God, a devotional gift will be apt for them. In this section you will find gifts such as holy Cds and Dvds like Sri Hanuman Chalisa and Sampoorn Ramayan. Other gifts that you can avail from this section are Divine idols of Ganesha, Gopal or Saraswati. Shagun coins may also be gifted which bear the image of deities on gold or silver coins. You can also amaze them with sacred Spiritual Hampers. Send these as gifts to India and enthrall them.

Fruits and Flowers - Flowers are the expression of love. So this Grandparents’ Day send a fresh and colorful bouquet of flower that will make both of them contented and elated. Forget-me-not flowers are associated with Grandparents’ Day in U.S.A. You can also send a basket of fruits that will keep them healthy. Here you will find a hamper of both Fruits and Flowers. They come in beautiful baskets and will truly delight your grandparents.

GiftsSweets - Just like you share a sweet relationship with you Grandparents’ similarly gift them a box of Sweets to remind them of that innocent relationship. They will simply love to have them. In this section you will find Indian Sweets like Kaju Suraj, Motichoor laddoo and others like Sweets hamper containing of various types of sweets in one hamper. Also you can opt for gifting Tinned Sweets or Sweet thalis.

Gift Vouchers - Give your grandparents the freedom to choose their own gift by giving them a Gift voucher. They can shop whatever they like with the voucher and they will thank you for the gift. You can gift vouchers of Books, Apparels, Tanishq or Taj Hotels. Send them one, this Grandparents’ Day and bring an everlasting smile to their face.

We can never return the huge debt we owe to our Grandparents. They will be ever special to all the members of the family. So we all need to send Grandparents’ Day gifts to honour their love and lessons. With the help of this e-gifting shop you can also send gifts to India on any other occasion.

Priyam Published: Feb 06, 2013 | Last Updated: Nov 22, 2019
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