When was Rakhi 2016

Raksha Bandhan is a very auspicious festival celebrated in India which is spreading all over the globe very fast. Though originally a Hindu festival, it is now celebrated by everyone irrespective of their religion and nationality. This is an important day for all brothers and sisters and they observe this day very ardently with a lot of joy and goodwill. It is an annual festival with all brothers and sisters spending a lot of time thinking about how they make this day special for their dear siblings. As this year is drawing to an end, everyone is starting their planning how they will celebrate the new set of festivals that are coming their way. In this context, you might be already starting to wonder when is Rakhi so that you can start your preparations of it.

Rakhi Celebrations


When is Rakhi in 2016


The celebrations revolving around Rakhi Purnima begins several days in advance with sisters getting busy choosing an apt Rakhi for their brothers. On the day of this grand festival, brothers and sisters meet for the ceremonies which are to be carried out on a predetermined time. The sister at first performs an aarti of her brother with a lighted diya which signifies the God of fire. Then she ties the holy Rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist with a lot of devotion and well wishes. After this she goes on to say a traditional and well versed prayer for his good fortune and prosperity. The brother then vows to protect her from any peril that might befall her throughout her life. For this reason, this festival is called ‘Raksha Bandhan’ or the bond of protection.

Most of the festivities of Rakhi revolves around the custom of gift giving which is carried out in most auspicious occasions. Both brother and sister get very busy trying to choose the perfect gift for the other one from days in advance. But sometimes the siblings may not be able to meet due to the geographical distance that lies between them. Even if you are in this situation, you need not worry as you can easily send online Rakhi to India from USA as well as many other countries and regions. Apart from the fabulous Rakhis that are available on our online Rakhi store, you will also find many attractive gifts for this joyful event.

Rakhi Gift Ideas


When is Rakhi in 2016


There are many kinds of Rakhis available here on our online Rakhi portal for you to choose from. After you have finished doing this, you need not worry any longer as we will surely send the Rakhi sets to India that have been chosen by you. The various kinds that are available here are $ 3 Rakhis, Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis, kids Rakhis, precious Rakhis, Rakhis for brothers and Rakhi sets. Each of these contain a different category of Rakhi that is explained by its name. Lumbas for Bhabhis and Lumbis for kid sisters are also available here that will definitely appeal to you.

Among the many gifts that are available here Rakhi hampers which contain more than one gift for your lovely bro or sis. They have been categorised into all in one hampers, chocolate hampers, dry fruits hampers, gift hampers for Bhaiya Bhabhi, gift hampers for brother, gift hampers for sister and mithai hampers. A Rakhi thali containing lots delicious goodies and puja necessities will also make a good gift. These can be divided into Bhaiya Bhabhi thalis, Bhaiya thalis, kids thalis as well as puja thalis. There are also many Rakhi greeting cards that you send through us along with other gifts and Rakhi. These colourful cards will definitely be cherished by your bro and sis on the occasion of Rakhi.

Gifting chocolates on rakhi is also a good idea as they are generally loved by all and very attractive. The section on chocolates for the occasion of Rakhi has been classified into chocolate hampers, chocolates & cookies and handmade chocolates. You will also find a number of pretty personalized Rakhi gifts here that will make a very thoughtful gift for this occasion. These include kids mugs, photo gifts, photo keychains, photo mugs, photo T-shirts, Rakhi mugs, rock photos and tiles & mirrors. Inexpensive and attractive Rakhi mugs are also available here that can make this Rakhi very memorable for the two of you. All these mugs have a special Rakhi message and some of them can even be personalised.

Other gifts like gifts for sister, gifts for brother, gifts for Bhaiya Bhabhi and gifts for kids are available as well. You can also send Rakhi to India free shipping through us which will obviously appeal to you. Hence, you should start choosing your gifts from now so that you can choose the perfect one well before time.

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