When is Grandparents Day in 2021?

Grandmother and Grandfather Pink Green

Grandparent’s Day has an extremely emotional and touching origin. A lady in West Virginia, Marian McQuade, while organizing a community event for the elderly found a number of aged people living in nursing homes and old age homes who were forgotten by their own families. To raise awareness about the helpless people, she urged the state to declare a holiday. It took her 17 years to bring this into action and the first Grandparents Day holiday was observed in 1973.

Grandparents Day 2021

Since then this special day is being celebrated on the Sunday after Labour Day in most parts of the world. In 2021 the Grandparents Day will be celebrated on the 12th of September and being a Sunday it calls for a gala celebration with nice gifts to make it a memorable one.

Pragya Published: Sep 19, 2019 | Last Updated: Nov 29, 2021