Distance should play no role when it comes to making your loved ones feel good. The wedding is a big day so it includes a lot of celebrations. If you are looking for wedding gifts for your loved ones in India, you can check out this article that can guide you with gift ideas. There are gift ideas like flowers, cakes, home decor items, and others. Read to know more.

A wedding is one of the or rather, the most important event in one’s life, an occasion that brings two individuals together for a lifetime and validates their love. The institution of marriage is celebrated with great pomp and show in India, thereby giving rise to the epithet of “Big, fat Indian Wedding”. Indian weddings are famous across the globe for their extravagant affairs and colorful festivities. Be it your sibling’s wedding your cousin’s, your relative’s wedding, or that of your friend - gifts form an integral part of these auspicious ceremonies. Many families have a culture of exchanging gifts among themselves and with the in-laws as well. Keeping in mind the magnanimity and profundity of the joyous moments in a wedding ceremony, one must be well aware of the various products that can be sent as wedding gifts to India from Australia.

Flowers and Cakes

Those who will be staying abroad in countries like Australia, the USA, or the UK while their loved ones get hitched in India, can make their presence felt among their loved ones by sending online gifts to India from Australia or other countries. A combo of flowers and cakes is an excellent option available, for sending as wedding gifts. Carnations, gerberas, exclusively designed bouquets, flowers in vases, or wedding special bouquets along with tasty and yummy cakes will make the occasion a memorable and joyful affair for the newlyweds. The specially ordered 3-tier or 2-tier wedding cakes will add grandeur to the joyous event.

Home Decor

Wedding Gifts to India from Australia

Another superb idea is to buy home decor items that will adorn the newlywed’s abode. Home décor items like show pieces, tribal masks, flower vases, paintings, and posters with heartfelt messages to decorate their newly furnished homes, are a treat for the young couples. For show pieces, you can choose from laughing Buddha figurines, crystal Taj Mahal, crystal tortoise, or beautiful romantic show pieces. You can also send heart-shaped photo frames or antique showpieces for the newly married couple. When it comes to sending gifts to India, luxury bed linens fit the bill perfectly. They come in myriad colors. Let the couple have a blast by decorating their bedrooms in rich linen. Choose from mauve, pink, red, violet, white, cream, blue, wine colored linens to suit the taste of your loved ones. You can send delectable chocolate hampers in gorgeous baskets along with bed linen to add charm to your wedding in India. The newlyweds will certainly love this combo and you will be able to convey your heartfelt wishes beautifully.

Kitchen Appliances

Wedding Gifts to India from Australia

Take into account the fact that the newly married couple will love to have kitchen appliances, cookware, or dinner sets to deck up their kitchen and dining rooms. Beautiful dining sets, a microwave, food processors, juicer-mixer-grinder, cup sets, tableware, glass sets, cutlery sets, designed trays, casseroles, lunch sets, etc., will be more than welcome.

Watches and Perfumes


For the fashionistas, gifting classic, trendy, and chic watches is a great idea. You can select from brands like Citizen, Tommy Hilfiger, Timex, Titan, and Fastrack. You can send couple watches along with branded perfumes to the newlyweds, to fill their lives with beautiful aromas. Go for perfumes of your choice that are available online and send them as wedding gifts to India. You can choose the style of the watch and the fragrance of the perfume according to your choice.

A good thing about our online shopping portal is that it offers gifts for all budgets. This means you can select incredible gifts without having to worry about the expenditure. All you need to focus on is, choosing that awesome gift that can be sent as a wedding gift to your loved ones. Send online gifts to India from Australia along with your best wishes for the couples and make their memorable day, extra special. Our 24x7 online service, especially the same-day delivery service will make sure that these wedding gifts get delivered to your loved ones in the nick of time.

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