Enhance the celebrations of Valentine's Day with your loved ones in India. It is an exclusive day that you can celebrate by sending gifts or even planning a memorable day. It is the best day to express feelings and be a part of the occasion. Go through the article to learn more about this day and check the gifting options available.

Valentine’s Day which is celebrated in February 14th every year which is known for the purpose of showing love to the loved ones either by sending gifts or flowers or anonymously sending love messages to your loved ones. Generally lovers convey their feelings through cards and the most common feature of this day is the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of ‘valentines’. Some of the popular symbols associated with this day is heart shaped outline with the figure of the winged cupid. The day owes its name after three persons named St. Valentine, one who was a priest in Rome, the other lived and died in Africa and another was a bishop in Interamna.

In modern context Valentine’s Day is celebrated as an occasion where lovers express their love to each other. In short this day coincides with the day when St. Valentine was martyred. The day has attained its popularity throughout the world and it is also observed as a holiday in several countries including United States. On Valentine’s Day, lovers exchange their feelings through exchange of gifts and valentine cards, and some people also donate charity and gift candies on this day. Flowers are considerably the most popular gift items associated with this day. Among flowers, rose is mostly preferred and gifted. There is a saying that red rose stands for expressing love, yellow rose and other flowers stands for friendship.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Beloved

This day is closely related with sharing mutual love notes or valentines between the lovers. In the earlier period hand written love notes ands love poems where there in order to express the feelings of the lovers but later from 19th century onwards the advent of greeting cards became immensely popular to express the feelings for the loved ones. As Valentine’s Day comes closer numerous gift items flood the gift shops. Customized gift cards stands as a major attraction of the gift shops. Special valentine cards with valentine themes like valentine flower cards, valentine cards for friends, valentine teddy cards, etc.which are sold at a great scale to the customers.

Valentine cards are mainly meant for to express the intensity of the feelings of the lovers form their loved ones. After Christmas cards valentine cards are considered to be the most circulated cards. The day holds special importance among the lovers as the day is mainly meant for the lovers. A vast amount of information is circulated through various mediums like internet sites, newspapers, T.V. channels, etc. serving unique information and tips for this day like party destination, gift ideas, shop centers, stories related with this day, etc.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day begins from a week before 14th February when the day is celebrated. Each day has different themes like 7th February stands for Rose Day, 8th February stands for Purpose Day, 9th February stands for Chocolate Day, 10th February stands for Teddy Day, 11th February stands for Promise Day, 12th February stands f or Kiss Day, 13th February stands for Hug Day and finally 14th February stands for the most awaited Valentine’s Day.

Lovers wait for this day with patience so as to express their feelings for their loved ones and lot of people propose their feelings for their loved ones on this day and the proposals are accepted in positive spirit on the part of the proposed and at the same time outright rejections are avoided. While deciding for the gifts always select the appropriate one that will cater to the purpose of expressing your feelings for your loved ones and don’t count on the price tag. Some of the most popular gift items presented by lovers to their dear ones are cards, chocolates, jewellery, flowers, handmade items, accessories, etc.Thus Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world which stands especially for lovers to express their feelings which holds its importance throughout the world.

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