Traditional Bengali Gifts for New Year

Bengali New Year also known as Poila Boishakh is celebrated in the month of April to celebrate the new year according to the bengali calendar. On this day people celebrate by wishing each other a happy new year and also spending time with family ad friends for a nice feast, celebration, adda and lots of fun. For those you aren’t with their family and friends in India now you can send traditional Bengali Gifts and surprise them, and if you are having trouble in choosing we can help you in selecting.

  1. Bengali Sweets - This is the first and foremost gift that you should send to your family and friends in India and let them enjoy the taste of traditional bengali sweets. As this is a happy and auspicious occasion for bengali community it is definitely celebrated with lots of sweets to indulge in. the sweets you can send your loved ones on this day can be
    • Malpua
    • Sandesh
    • Rasgulla
    • Cham Cham
    • Rajbhog

  2. Apparel - On bengali new year another popular gift to send to your family and friends in India is apparel. For men you can send t-shirts, shirts, jeans, formal pant and also traditional clothes like kurta pajama. For women you can send salwar, saree, jeans, tops and for kids you can send dresses for girls and top and pant for boys. The exchange of new clothes as gift is quiet a tradition on Bengali New Year and so it will be a great gifting idea for you as well.

  3. Chocolates - For your kids, niece or nephews you can send delicious chocolates on the occasion of Bengali New Year to India. They will definitely love this gift of chocolates and enjoy eating them. Choose the best brands of chocolates to be sure of their quality and also be sure there isn’t any ingredient which will cause any reaction to them.

    Click here to see chocolate collection

  4. Jewellery - On the occasion of Bengali New Year you can also send jewellery to your sister, wife or girlfriend and surprise them. You can send gold or diamond metal jewellery for them with great design which will complement their beauty. Make sure your loved one is not allergic to the metal of jewellery you are choosing for them.

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  5. Flowers - For the elders who you wish to send your regards on Bengali New Year you can send them Flowers and convey your regards. Choose flower arrangement which will be loved by them, fresh blooming flowers will truly make the occasion more enjoyable for them. Flowers are the best way to emote your emotions to your loved ones when they are not near you.

    Click here the list of flowers

    6. Pastries - Since its Bengali New Years all your loved ones will enjoy the time together and so sending them delicious pastries will be a good idea to celebrate the occasion with them. Send different flavours of pastries so everyone can enjoy it and also feel your presence through your gift.

Arpita Published: Feb 05, 2019 | Last Updated: Nov 05, 2019
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