The New year of Hindus is here "Ugadi" it is celebrated by the same name in the regions of Andra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. If you are also away from home and want to celebrate Ugadi with your loved ones by sending them gifts then you are at the right place. This article focuses on the top 9 gift ideas for your loved ones. This article helps you to decide the best gift for them. To know more keep reading. 

The beginning of the Hindu “Chaitra” month which falls between March and April, is called Ugadi in India. It is the beginning of the Hindu calendar year as per the gregorian calendar. Hence, it is celebrated as the Hindu new year in the south Indian state, of Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, and Telangana. The festival is called “Ugadi in Andra Pradesh and Telangana while the people of Karnataka call it “Yugadi” which is the same festival as “Ugadi”. As it is the celebration of a new beginning and a new year the festivities commence with much preparation and vigor. 

Colorful and beautiful patterns are drawn on the floors of the homes to welcome fortune and the new year. These patterns are called Muggulu, the doors are decorated with chains of Mango leaves called torana. People follow specific rituals before visiting temples by applying oils and having special baths. They prepare a special dish called Pachadi for the festival and worship the Hindu God and Goddesses. Buying and giving gifts such as new clothes and puja essentials are the primary quintessence of the festival. People give gifts to each other and send greetings for the new year. As the majority of Indians reside abroad or maybe are based within India but away from home face an issue. They miss all the celebrations and the only way to make their family happy is by sending gifts. As the festival of Ugadi centers on gifting each other it also becomes essential that one sends gifts to their home. On this occasion, you can send gifts to your home with the help of online gifting portals like ours. Our website has a wide range of gifting options and gifting ideas to aid you. 

Dry fruits and nuts

Top 9 Gift Ideas for Ugadi in India

Festivals and celebrations call for dry fruits and nuts. If you wish to send your loved ones a protein-packed gift then you can opt for dry fruits and nuts. This is a very good gift during the festivities. As it is a much-needed ingredient to make sweet dishes, this also signifies that you wish the recipient health with this gift. Dry fruits also reduce cholesterol levels hence it will be a good choice to send this gift as it will balance the diet during the festivities. These dry fruits can be a good gift for festivities and you can send them to your loved ones without hesitation.

Gift Vouchers

The most convenient gift these days is to send gift vouchers. You can send gift vouchers to your loved ones if you are not sure what type of gift the individuals will like. It can be difficult to send gifts to some people because of their tastes and styles that you might not understand. Hence to send a gift voucher that ranges from lifestyle to gourmet you give them the liberty to use the gift card however they want. So, sending a gift voucher is a smart gifting decision. 


Top 9 Gift Ideas for Ugadi in India

There are no festivities in India that are finished without a sweet delicacy. So sending sweets on any occasion or festival is a must. Sweets are a much-needed aspect of festivals. It is used to greet the visitor and the sweets also signify the relationship between the two individuals. In ancient times, people used to gift each other sweets to maintain harmony and good relation with each other. Hence sending sweets at a festival holds significance.

Puja Thali

Top 9 Gift Ideas for Ugadi in India

As the festival requires visiting temples and ceremonies at house, there's a need for puja thali. A puja Thali is one of the many essentials that carries all the important ingredients of the puja to be successful. Hence, sending a puja thali can mean that you wish the best to your loved ones. A Puja thali with Diya, incense stick holder, and candles will be an Ideal set for puja thali. 

Board Games

Top 9 Gift Ideas for Ugadi in India

If you have a little buddy back home who waits for you but you couldn’t make it home this time. The disheartened fellow might be sad the whole day of Ugadi, if you wish to make his day then you can opt for board games. Your little buddy will be happy to have some fun. Not only for little kids you can send board games that people of all ages can play and spend some time together in the New Year. This will be a unique gift on Ugadi to your loved ones. 


Top 9 Gift Ideas for Ugadi in India

We like to decorate our homes and upgrade it any sort of home decor. What can be best than sending a vase? A vase will not only decorate the house but also will elevate the look of the complete house in this festive season. Your loved ones might receive flowers that they can place in the vase. A beautiful vase can be the centerpiece of the house. If you want you can also add flowers while you are sending a Vase as a gift. A pleasant surprise gift for your loved ones that will make them feel special. 

Traditional Jewelry

Top 9 Gift Ideas for Ugadi in India

As the festivities have just started there will be a lot of things to do. Visiting the Temples ceremonies at the house will be an occurrence for the day. You can send traditional jewelry to your loved ones. They can team it up with their traditional attire and look ravishing during the festivities. It is easy to select traditional jewelry and the best part is that they match all the traditional attires. 

Bowl Set

Top 9 Gift Ideas for Ugadi in India

Silver bowls can be one of the best gifts that you can send to your loved ones. They can use it in many ways like to serve sweet dishes, hold potpourri, or maybe store small and intricate pieces of jewelry. It’s their wish to use the bowls as they wish, but you can gift them this handy gift. A silver bowl with beautiful designs on its body can be an ideal one. 

Tea Set 

Top 9 Gift Ideas for Ugadi in India

You can upgrade the tableware of your loved ones by gifting them this gift. You can gift your loved ones a Tea set. A beautiful and chic tea set would be a good addition to the crockery of your loved ones. It can be an ideal gift if your loved ones like to collect unique and beautiful crockery.  Gift a unique looking or a uniquely designed tea set to your loved ones and add charm to their collection. 

As Ugadi is a celebration of new beginnings and New year Gifting, sending wishes and gifts is something that is a necessity. You might be away from your home but by sending gifts you can mar the distance and celebrate Ugadi even from a distance. 

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