Top 8 Birthday Gifts preferred by USA for delivery to India

When you are in USA away from your loved ones in India specially on their birthday can be upsetting, hence to make the most of their birthday you can send them amazing birthday gifts to India. Sending gifts from USA to India on your own can be a tiring process with going to shop, selecting a gift and send it through a courier service. Also the courier service has no guarantee as when they will deliver your gift to your loved ones right on their birthday.

So to send birthday gifts to India from USA you can choose online gifting portal and make your family and friends birthday a memorable event. And to select the best gifts we are here to suggest the preferred gifts by people in USA to India.

Top 8 Birthday Gifts to India from USA

  1. Cakes - One of the most popular and preferred gifts to send to India from USA on loved ones birthday is Cakes. Choose from different flavours and designs of cakes from our portal and send the one which will be loved by your loved ones. Cakes are the best way to celebrate one’s birthday and even being far, you can still boost the spirit of the occasion.

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  2. Flowers - Another preferred birthday gift to be send to India for family and friends from USA is Flowers. Every person loves flowers, the freshness, the smell that makes everyone’s day beautiful, placing a bright smile on the their face. Choose your loved ones favourite flowers to send to India and let your loved one enjoy their birthday in the most fresh way.

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  3. Sweets Hamper - To celebrate the occasion in a complete Indian traditional manner you can send Sweets Hamper to your dear ones in India on their birthday. It is another preferred gift for the people in USA to send to India as they feel more connected to their loved ones. For any happy occasion the first thing done Indians is to have sweets and so it the perfect gift on birthday.

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  4. Personalised Gifts - For a more personal experience of gifting, people also send their loved ones personalised gifts. With a personalised gifts you can put up a picture and a personal message for your dear ones’ birthday and make the occasion more beautiful. Since you are in USA you cannot always express your love and emotions to them and so birthday with a personalised gift will be the perfect idea to do so.

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    personalised gifts
  5. Flower & Cake Combo - Another great gift to send to India for your loved ones birthday from USA is Flower and Cake Combo. If you want to send a combo of flowers and cakes together and you will get this combo of gift on our online gifting portal. It will be a perfect gift as the flowers will freshen their mind and cake will satisfy their taste buds. Flower and cake combo gift is a grand way to celebrate your friend or family’s birthday.

    See here the flower & cake combo

    flower and cake combo
  6. Chocolate Hamper - A chocolate hamper as a birthday gift will make your loved ones more than happy to receive. Chocolates are favourite gourmet of every person and getting a whole bunch of chocolates as birthday gift will make them extremely happy. This gift is also perfect to send to kids on their birthday, this will surely give their sweet tooth a good time.

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    chocolate hamper
  7. Zodiac Gifts - A little different gift from the usual is Zodiac gifts as birthday gifts for loved ones in India. A lot of people send zodiac gifts to loved ones from USA and our online gifting portal has curated gifts based on the zodiac signs. A lot of people love zodiac gifts as it unique in case of every other zodiac signs, you can also surprise a loved one with this zodiac gift.

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    zodiac gift
  8. Gift Vouchers - Since you are sending the gifts to India sitting in USA, you want to be perfect and which will make your loved one happy, so if you are aren't sure which gift would be loved by them you can surely send them Gift Vouchers. With Gift Vouchers they will be able to select a gift for themselves and celebrate their birthday. You can also relax by sending gift voucher as you do not have to worry about your dear ones liking your gift or not.

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    gift voucher

We hope that our article will help you in choosing and sending the best gift for your dearest family and friends in India from USA on their birthday.

Arpita Published: Jan 07, 2019 | Last Updated: Jan 07, 2019
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