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Even if you are away from home you can make your loved ones' birthday special by sending gifts to them. If you are hunting for gift ideas that will make your loved ones feel special along with the platform from which you can send gifts then your search has come to an end. This article has the top 8 unique and trendy gift ideas from which you can surprise your loved ones on their birthday. So if you wish to know more then keep reading the article to know more. 

How can I make the birthday celebrations special? What can I do to make it unique? If these are the questions clouding your mind then you are in dire need of help. We have some amazing ideas for you to make your loved ones’ special day more special. We know missing out on special occasions like your loved ones' birthdays can be disheartening. But who says you can’t be a part of their special day at all? Even if you are sitting in the USA you can still surprise them with some wonderful gifts and surprises via online shopping from USA to India that will be great memories. So, if you are on the hunt for brilliant surprises for your loved ones go through these top 8 gift ideas. These ideas are well-researched and curated hence we can assure you that you will find something that will excite your loved ones. So, without further ado let's get on with our list of gifts to India from USA

Flowers and Cakes 

The most evergreen gift that you can send to your loved one on their birthday is flowers along with cakes! No Birthday is complete without cakes and flowers. These are the serene motif of beauty that makes one feel appreciated. Sending their favorite flavor of cake on their birthday when you are not in the country will surprise them. A beautiful bouquet along with the cake will add to the happiness of receiving the gift. If you want to do something unique then you can add their birth flower to their birthday cake. Or, maybe if not on a cake then you can send a bouquet of birth flowers to them. This gift can be escalated to a different level if you send them this in the wake of night. Just when the clock strikes twelve your gift will be on their doorstep wishing them a happy birthday. It is possible with our service of midnight delivery which you can easily avail and send gifts to India from USA. If you wish to know more about our blog on sending gifts through midnight delivery service can be of help. 

Zodiac Gifts 

Top 8 Birthday Gifts from USA to Send to India

You might think it to be unusual but isn’t it what you are looking for? A Zodiac sign gift is a unique gift and it has a personal touch to it. You will get many options to send as gifts like zodiac mugs, pendants, star maps, bracelets, and much more. These Zodiac gifts also come with some lovely messages related to the Zodiac sign. Thus, the gift will be birthday-centric and especially for your loved ones. Zodiac coffee mugs are also a very good choice for birthday gifts. So, if you wish to send unique gifts to your loved ones that will catch them off guard then Zodiac gifts are one of the best options.

House Plant

Top 8 Birthday Gifts from USA to Send to India

For the plant lover, why not send in another lovely house plant? A Succulent, Lily plant, Money plant, Syngonium pink plant, Thuja, Christmas cactus, or maybe just a lucky bamboo conveying your warm regards. With that, you can choose a lovely and artistic pot, you can even send them a hanging Jew plant, or an English Ivy with a hanging pot to encourage them to have a hanging garden. Plants are a very beautiful gift that you can send to your loved ones to express your love, it creates a serene ambiance. It even adds to the interior decor so for those who cannot dedicate much time to plants but would like to have some you can send some succulents. They can keep them in their desk or maybe in their living space and feel better. 


Top 8 Birthday Gifts from USA to Send to India

Bags are something that everybody needs if your loved ones are one of those who like to carry their essentials on the go. Then it is your clue to send them gifts of beautiful handbags. There are different types of bags available from which you choose. The size and style of the bags will completely depend on your loved ones' taste. If they like to carry small and sling bags to keep their hands free then you can opt for a bag that is compact in size with a stylish look. If they like to carry totes and handbags with much space to carry most of their essentials then a bigger handbag will be something that will suit them. So, send in a lovely handbag that they will be able to use in their daily lives or any festivals. 

Self-care Essentials

Top 8 Birthday Gifts from USA to Send to India

With them being a year older and wiser make them a year healthier also. Self-care is the first step to healthy living. Why? Well, when you feel good you do good and everything seems good too isn’t it? So, sending in a self-care essential set can reinforce the power of self-care in their lives. Look for a self-care set that gives you diverse options and promises to soothe the senses. A hamper with shower gels, body butter, bath salts, moisturizers, and serum sheet masks, with some scented candles can be an ideal self-care hamper. Thus, if you want to pamper your loved ones on their birthday and make them feel grand on their special day then this is the perfect gifting option. 

Beverage Hamper 

For the people who love to indulge themselves in either coffee or tea, you can send them a wonderful box of beverages. While you are at it send in some tasty snacks to complete the experience. Be it coffee or tea when it’s accompanied by snacks it becomes the best thing in the world. So, for your snack and beverage lover, you can send a beverage hamper that will satiate their soul on their birthday. This will be a delicious treat for their birthday that you will send them even from a distance. You can send a box of treats which can include popcorn, tea, cookies, coffee, cakes, chocolates, chips, and many more things. You can send a hamper completely dedicated to tea or coffee or you can also send a hamper having both! 

Gift of Experience

Top 8 Birthday Gifts from USA to Send to India

Gifting is all about experiences your gift can be something trivial and still make an impact on your loved ones because of the experience they receive with it. So, if you want to give a gift of experience to your loved ones then you can send them to a workshop or a retreat. Here, they will go through various experiences which will become a part of their special day. A lovely workshop of pottery, embroidery, writing, wood carving etc. Anything related to their interests will make them feel special. Some of the retreats also come with a staycation where one can be close to nature and connect with their inner self. It is a wonderful way of connecting with oneself and rejuvenating the senses. 


Top 8 Birthday Gifts from USA to Send to India

Some of our loved ones love to play games which can be very helpful on your part as you will be able to send the most updated gaming console as gifts. Send them the latest model of the game and surprise them. We are certain that they will be surprised and love the gift at the same time. Games are also one of those gifts that present one with experience. While sending them a game as a gift you can send a promise to play with them too when you visit them. This will fill their heart with warmth, a promise to meet them soon. 

These gifts will definitely surprise them on their birthday. So, send them gifts to India from USA and express your admiration. These gifts will always be a reminder to them that no matter how far you are you will always find a way to connect with them.

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