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The festivities have begun and now it is time to welcome Raksha Bandhan. So, have you started deciding what you want to send as gifts to your sibling and add charm to the special day? If not then you have stumbled across the right article as we have listed all the trendy as well as practical gifts that you can send and make your siblings feel special. This list can be your guide to sending the perfect gift to your sibling. So, if you wish to know about the gift and gift ideas in detail then keep reading the article for more.

Rakhi is called the “bond of protection”, but it is so much more than that. It pulsates the brother's and sisters' love, blessing, and sublime ‘sentiments’. It signifies that the love of siblings can protect each other from any evil. This is an ancient festival that has many historical stories and myths linked to it. The essence of every story and myth is the vow that the brother and sister take while tying the holy thread of Rakhi. It displays how the bond of siblings and promise has saved the brothers from the clutches of evil. It is celebrated with much vim and vigor all over India. Distinct city and states have their way of conducting the puja ceremonies. Like in Gujrat, the day is also observed with the Pavitropana Festival in which temple visits and a puja ceremony are observed accompanied by the Rakhi celebrations. So even if you are away from home not being a part of this might make you feel missed out but you can be a part of this and save your siblings from feeling missed. Send rakhi gifts to Navsari online and make the day extra special for them. We have a list of gifts that can help you decide on a gift that will surprise and convey your admiration to your siblings. 

1. Personal Care

Expressing your love to your sibling from a distance might seem unviable. But you can pamper them to express your love to your loved siblings by sending them a personal care hamper. Gifting them a spa-like experience from the comfort of their homes will pamper them and let them feel celebrated. So, send rakhi gifts to Navsari online for your sibling if you want to express your admiration with a personal care hamper. The hamper can include plenty of things to evoke a luxurious feeling. The most interesting thing is that these are essentials that one needs in their toiletry. So, with shower gel, bathing bars, body butter, serums, lotions, bath salts, bath bombs, and many more things you can create a luxurious bathing session for your sibling. It can be a great gift for brothers as well as sisters as sisters do know how to take care of themselves thus they will appreciate it. Brothers who are most of the time clueless about grooming will find direction with this hamper. 

2. Snack Hamper 

Celebrations call for sweets when it comes to traditions and festivals in India two things are seen the most- sweets and feasts. So, how about sending both in a box? Send a Gourmet hamper filled with exclusive snacks and sweets that will be a feast for your sibling's taste buds. An ideal hamper will have a balance of both with snacks like popcorn, wafers, chivda, poha, and much more authentic Indian snacks along with some non-alcoholic beverages and cherry on top of some sweets. That is if your sibling has a sweet tooth or else you can just skip the sweets part and to keep things healthy every snack chosen is baked. Thus, a wonderful gift to savor and be delighted with that will last for days will be appreciated by your siblings. 

3. Rakhi Hamper 

The most important thing of all is the holy thread, Rakhi. If you have a brother waiting for you or your Rakhi then we have just the right hamper that you can send to your brother. This hamper is curated so that it contains the quintessential elements of Rakhi from roli chawal, a beautiful rakhi, and to complete the ceremony, traditional sweets. As every festival has to start and end on a sweet note sweets are the most essential thing to send. Gifts are also an integral part hence, we have chocolates, dry fruit, and nuts, included in the hamper to serve as gifts. So, you don’t have to look any further for a hamper that will check all the boxes as you already have found one. All you need to do is select and send the hamper to your sibling via rakhi delivery in Navsari. 

4. Personalized Calendars

You have so many memories to cherish, so to choose one can be a difficult task. Let’s make things simple yet effective by selecting 12 of your most cherished memories and creating a calendar using it. A personalized calendar will allow you to cherish your siblings through the seasons and months with this gift. More like reliving the memories through the months that will let them cherish the memories from your point of view as well. Thus, sending a personalized calendar will be a handy gift as it can be used as well. A personalized desk calendar will keep them on time and date and keep them organized. We are certain they will look forward to welcoming the next months to reveal the new memory. 

5. Cosmetic Hamper

If your sister has just started her makeup journey or is the one who already has a stash of makeup. Then why not add some interesting products to their makeup stash? Send rakhi gifts to Navsari online like a cosmetic hamper to your sister or maybe your sister-in-law whom you want to feel included in the celebrations. Makeup is something that can be added more and more to build a collection. So, just select a cosmetic hamper that has some updated and trending makeup and send it to your sister. To keep it safe avoid sending hampers that have foundation or concealers to them if you are not sure about their shade and undertones. But other cosmetics like the skin prep cosmetic hamper are a win-win gift to send. 

6. Spiritual Hamper

For the ones who are spiritually inclined and dedicate their time to worshipping the deities, you can send an elaborate spiritual hamper set to them and thrill them. We are certain it will be an unexpected gift for them. Thus, a good way to surprise your beloved sibling. There are many things like puja thali, the complete set of puja essentials, idols, incense sticks, and much more when it comes to spiritual hamper. You can send anything that you think will excite your beloved and make them feel special. The best part about sending spiritual and holy items as gifts is that they will be used in almost every festival and occasion and thus will remind you of those special occasions. 

These gifts are something that your siblings will love to have. If you are unaware of what will suit them or what will surprise them then this compilation has plenty of options to choose from. All you need to do is just select a gift and send them a surprising gift that will convey how much you know them and care about them which is a good way to shower love. So, send rakhi gifts to Navsari Gujarat and make the special day filled with festivities more special for your siblings.

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