Sending chocolates to India is a great gift option no matter the occasion. Irresistible chocolates and goodies packed nicely in a basket are like a dream come true. Whether you need to express your love for that special someone or want to give good wishes on Christmas, Birthday, or New Year, gifting chocolates is ideal. They can also be used to express gratitude or show affection on occasions like anniversaries. You can also include other gifts such as jewelry, cosmetics, or even a beautiful timepiece that would make your gift even more charming.

Chocolates are the most satiating dessert that pleases the crowd. Be it any occasion, you can never go wrong with gifting chocolates to your loved ones. We all share our immense love for chocolates to India and there is nothing better than sending chocolates to our loved ones. It's easy to find the right chocolate brand as there are so many chocolate brands and flavors. Most chocolate brands in India produce chocolates in a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns, with prices to match. These premium chocolate brands have much to offer and are worth the price so send chocolates to India online.

1. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates


Top 5 Premium Chocolates to Send to India

Ferrero Rocher is among the top brands of chocolates in the world. Ferrero Rocher chocolates have a unique taste with crunchy and creamy hazelnut filling layers.  The crunchy and creamy texture of the chocolate makes it a delicious treat. The chocolate varieties from Ferrero Rocher include a mix of Vanilla, Milk, and Hazelnut chocolate Truffle. These are attractively presented in golden foil papers in different quantities in boxes.

2. Toblerone Chocolates

Top 5 Premium Chocolates to Send to India

From more than a century of providing lip-smacking chocolates. The Toblerone chocolates are one of the best premium chocolates of all time. The chocolates are prepared using the finest quality ingredients including milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa, sugar, honey, and almonds. The amazing taste and unique different varieties of Toblerone are Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate with Honey, and Fruit and Nut Chocolates.

3. Ghirardelli Chocolates

Top 5 Premium Chocolates to Send to India

Ghirardelli chocolates are pretty famous and delicious chocolate. They have total control over the whole chocolate-making process so they make the best chocolates of the lot. The chocolates are made using the best quality ingredients. Their signature items are Ghirardelli chocolates like Intense Dark, Prestige chocolate bars, and Squares of Chocolate.

4. Lindt Chocolates

Top 5 Premium Chocolates to Send to India

With a perfect balance of taste and up to 70% of pure cocoa - the Lindt brand is one of the smoothest chocolates you can pick. Swiss chocolatier Lindt has long been a family favorite, saved for only the very best occasions. Their Lindor milk truffles see perfectly round chocolate shells filled with an irresistibly smooth center that melts in the mouth. A sheer moment of bliss in each taste, their luxury collection sees a mix of pralines, white chocolate truffles, and dar caramel and sea salt bars.

5. Hershey's Chocolate

Top 5 Premium Chocolates to Send to India

Brookside’s dark chocolate brand Hershey is one of the best in India. It is known for its unique flavors and taste. These are available in minis & bars, syrups, and candies. Hershey's is the place to go if you wish to indulge your loved ones in the delicious taste of milk chocolates. This Indian chocolate brand’s Nuggets Milk Chocolate comes in the form of a two-bite bar and is loaded with almonds. It has the delectable flavor of precisely roasted almonds dipped in milk chocolate.

Choose any of these premium brands for your loving friends and family and overwhelm them. It is all about making them feel special and sending chocolates is the easiest way. So wait no more and choose the best from the lot!

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