Celebrate the New Year with your close ones and take part in the festivity. If you are wondering what to gift your loved ones on New Year, you can look for personalized gift options. There is a variety of gift options like key chains, photo mugs, calendars, etc. This article talks about the top 5 personalized gifts that you can send to India on New Year. Read to know more.

In the month of December everybody starts thinking about the coming New Year. Youthful minds think about different ways to make the most important celebration of the year to its fullest glory. They wish the celebrations of this New Year to supersede the joy and enthusiasm of the previous year’s New Year celebrations. The celebrations of the New Year with much gusto are often followed by New Year gifts which imbibe the renewal of love and the spirit of novelty. You may be an Indian sitting thousands of miles away from your home and thinking of how to send cheap gifts to India to your loved one over there. Then this article can help you in finding the most suitable and cheapest gift that can be given to your loved one. Now let us examine some of the common gift items that are sent during New Year celebrations.

1. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are the most common gift items sent during New Year celebrations because they are relatively cheap and more expressive. They can be given to people of all ages. Greeting cards have always been a favorite among all and it is the most traditional way of sending New Year wishes. This will be the most appropriate gift to send to your loved ones living in India. You can check out this personalized greeting card that can rekindle your relationship.

2. Mementos

Top 5 Personalized New Year Gifts

Object d’ art are the most suitable gifts that are used to send online gifts to India. Mementos like personalized photo gifts can be an ideal gifting idea on New Year. Wall hangings, exquisite crystalline models, handicrafts, wind chimes etc are very popular products which you can send to delight your dear ones on New Year.

3. Calendars

Top 5 Personalized New Year Gifts

Personalized calendars are another common item that are given as gifts as they are relatively cheaper and serves the purpose in a better way. A person with little artistic ability and knowledge about computer graphics can design or assist in designing a good calendar which personalized pictures and graphics that will stroke the internal skills, memories and temperaments of the person to whom the gift is going to be sent.

4. Photo Key Chains

Top 5 Personalized New Year Gifts

Your dear ones will be more than happy to receive personalized photo key chains as a gift on New Year.  Send personalized gifts to India and surprise your loved ones on any festive occasion.

5. Photo Mugs

Top 5 Personalized New Year Gifts

Personalized photo mugs are the best option to send New Year gifts to cherish your loved ones residing in India. It is considered the best yet most affordable gift item which you can send to surprise your dear ones residing in India on New Year. So sending such a gift is also the best option as it may not be very costly.

On New Year’s Day, a lot of people send online gifts to India and some people notch it up a little and send personalized gifts to India. In short, you need not bother much if you do not have a big budget or means to travel down in person. Just order for your gifts and they will be delivered to your loved ones, and you will not even break a sweat.

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