Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Him in India

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Birthdays are a special time of the year. It is not only important for the person born on that day, but also for the people around them. With every passing year, we all have new experiences and take baby steps towards discovering ourselves. Hence make this day a memorable one for a man dear to you by surprising him with these unique birthday celebration ideas.

  1. Surprise Him at Midnight

    If he means that much to you, you can never miss the midnight wish on his birthday. There is a special charm in both being able to wish and receiving the same at the stroke of midnight on special days. Right from a simple cake cutting at sharp 12 am to getting surprise visits from the loved ones at the wee hours, the scope of such surprises is huge. Now with our unique services, you can also make someone feel special from far away. Our mid-night delivery service provides you with this amazing opportunity. You can order gifts from our website that will be delivered to your loved one at midnight.
  2. Treasure Hunt for His Gifts

    Is there a boy hidden in that special man who loves adventure, treasure hunts and surprises. You can make a meticulous plan of hiding his gifts and leave behind clues to finding them. This will give him a fun start to his birthday and break the monotony of just greeting and giving gifts. It is also a lovely activity for kids who are sure to be thrilled by it.
  3. Calming Cruise Experience

    Bored of giving the same old material gifts to a special man? Here is a fresh idea of an experience that could surpass almost any gift that comes in a box. You could take/send him on an exciting cruise. There are various service providers that arrange for this special activity. It is a calming way to escape from the noise and confusion of city life and relax on one’s birthday.
  4. A gift an hour

    This gift idea is really special. You need to acquire all the special items that you would like to gift your birthday boy. Once done, you can get them delivered to him 1 per hour on his birthday. This will not only keep him happy all day but also the excitement of this day will remain on point. To make it even more special, you could include an extremely meaningful gift on your list. This special parcel could be delivered at the end as a grand finale.
  5. Hand Made gifts

    The love, emotion and effort that is invested in making gifts by hand can never be replaced by the store-bought ones. It is true that buying the perfect gift also requires your mental investment. But there is something more intimate in making it yourself. You could do a number of things like making a greetings card, baking a cake, knitting a cardigan and embroidering a towel or a handkerchief. If you are good at art, you could also paint a picture and frame it for him. There are scores of ideas to work upon for a nice handmade gift. You could also get a lot of help from the videos and articles dedicated to making such beautiful gifts.
Pragya Published: Jan 11, 2020 | Last Updated: Jan 11, 2020
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