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Wondering about sending cakes for your loved ones in Pune? If yes then you are at the right place this article has the top 3 bakeries of Pune from where you can send cakes to your loved ones in just a click. These bakeries are renowned and serve the best cakes in Pune so if you wish to send cakes baked with precision and delectable in taste then you can send cakes from these bakeries. To do that you need to know more about the bakeries, so keep reading the article to know the top 3 Bakeries in Pune. 

Celebrations call for cakes be it an anniversary, birthday, or success party. Or just an attempt to uplift the moods of your loved one cake has always been the one that has been a good accomplice. Even when you are away from home, let you be a part of the celebrations in a unique way. It also signifies your efforts to be a part of and keep the bond strong even when you are away from home. Even though cakes are more than enough to complete the celebration. But what if the cakes don’t give the experience desired by the celebrants? The key to the perfect cake lies in both visual design and the taste of the cake as well as the baking technique also matters. Hence, if you wish to send a cake to your loved ones on their special day it’s obvious that you would want to send them the best. But if you are worried about finding the right bakery in your home city like Pune then don’t worry we are here with Pune gift delivery. We have brought to you the top 3 Bakeries in Pune from which you can send delicious cake delivery to pune to your loved ones in no time. So, let’s start while the clock is ticking! 

1. Ribbons & Balloons 

With the promise of serving “A Sweet Tradition of Serving Joy,” this bakery started serving its fresh-baked cakes in 2005. The visionary Satish V Shetty is known for his diverse and pioneering ideas about baking delectable desserts. This bakery does not only bake Cakes but also Pastries, Birthday Cakes, Custom, and Fancy Cakes. They bake their cake with much precision which has helped them reach the hearts of their customers and grow strong with around 100 stores in Mumbai and Pune. They have always stood up to the expectations of their customers and the positive reviews from their customers have proved them of a worthy bakery from which you can send cake delivery to Pune to your loved ones. 

2. The Baking Genie

Creating a blend of traditional and modern this bakery has brought cutting-edge design to cakes. With a passion for baking cakes, the bake genie bakes cakes that turn heads and treat the taste buds. The cakes of this bakery have unique designs with distinguished flavors and colors of life. In an attempt to serve a delectable slice of life to their customers, this bakery bakes scrumptious cakes. The range of bakery cakes starts from cheesecakes, walnut cakes, butterscotch, and many more bringing versatility to their flavors. The irresistible taste of the cakes from this bakery is undeniably delicious and the customers always tend to visit the bakery again and again. Hence, you will find plenty of options to choose from cake delivery to Pune, and rest assured that you will get the best. 

3. Marigold 

Chef. Ashish Dighe started his journey of baking in the year 2005 with the bakery Marigold. This bakery started with a passion for baking and after completing his master's in Hospitality Management from Michigan State University. Along with some hands-on experience from the backend operations of big brands like JW Marriott & Dunkin Donuts, Mr. Dighe started his bakery, Marigold. The experience says it all why the bakery satisfies its customers with wonderful design and delicious taste. Hence, if you choose a cake from his bakery you can rest assured that your loved ones will receive an inviting cake that will leave a flavorsome memory. 

These bakeries in Pune are the best who bake with precision, love, and care. They have delivered the best cakes to their customers and have gained the reputation of being the top 3 bakeries in Pune. Hence, be rest assured while sending a cake from our gifting portals as we operate from these Bakeries in Pune. Your loved ones will receive a delicious cake delivery to Pune that will be fresh, delectable, and the best of all the bakeries in Pune. Hence, send cakes from the top 3 bakeries in Pune this 2024 and make the celebrations of your loved ones exemplary. 

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