If you are also in search of gifts for your husband this Valentine’s then don’t worry we’ve got you back. This article has the top 14 Valentine’s Day to gift to your husband on the 14th of February. We are certain you will find something that will make your husband feel special in this list of gift ideas. The list has been curated after scouring the internet and finding the best and trending gift items that will make him feel special on this lovely day. So, if you are one of those who are lost trying to find a good gift then here we are. To know more about the list and the ideas keep reading the article. 

Do you smell the love in the air? Well, that's Valentine’s for you. If you are thinking there is time for Valentine's then let us remind you it is not far away when you think of deciding on gifts and things to make your husband feel special. Your husband has been the one to make you feel good always but this time if you are trying to make him feel special too then this is the time when you send valentines day gifts to India for him. For that, you will need gift ideas that can make them feel your love and care. There are plenty of options when it comes to valentine gifts for her in India. But as the options for valentines day gifts to India are very few when it comes to men’s gifting it becomes difficult to come up with many ideas. It is better to choose and decide beforehand. While you choose the valentine gifts for him in India don’t forget to create an experience as well, to make the day memorable. 

1. Flower and Cakes

If there is something that can signify and express your emotions on Valentine’s then it is flowers. To add sweetness to the celebration, cakes are the best. As we all know flowers express unsaid words and emotions gifting them is one of the best and most traditional gifts. One can never go wrong with flowers but choosing the right flowers is also very important. Not only are they the symbol of love but also express your sentiments. To express your love and care you can send a bouquet of Red Roses, Orchids, Lilac, Camellias, Primrose, Stock, Red Chrysanthemums, Forget-Me-Not, Alstroemeria, and much more. With a cake of their favorite flavor and flowers, you can surprise them. This can be a great valentine gifts to India or maybe an addition to a heartwarming date. 

2. A Breakfast Date 

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband in India

Start the day with your proclamation of love by taking him on a beautiful breakfast date or maybe create a breakfast date in bed whatever works for you. This idea is to catch him off guard early in the morning. He will be flustered by your surprise, you can cook him his favorite breakfast or maybe order something if you are not into cooking. Don’t hesitate to do this just because you don’t know how to cook, your wish to make him feel special on this lovely day can come true with many alternatives. So, just go ahead and start his day with a beautiful surprise and proceed with a lovely day filled with love and surprises. 

3. Couples Nesting Mug 

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband in India

The best way to start your day is with a hot brewed mug of coffee or any hot beverage. Your husband will enjoy his mornings more with a nice mug as a gift. But as you want to make it special you can gift him nesting mugs that will signify you and your love for him. Being complete in itself nesting mugs becomes more beautiful when two of the mugs come together and complete each other. With this concept, nesting mugs signify the two lovers who complete each other. This gift will signify your love for your husband and show how you both complete each other. Hence, a lovely valentine gift to India and a lovely start to a beautiful day. 

4. Hoodies and Sweatshirts  

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband in India

You must have stolen so many hoodies from your husband don’t you think he will be surprised if you gift him one? By now you must know what hoodies mean to men. If your husband is one of those who love wearing and collecting hoodies then we are certain this gift of yours will take him to cloud nine. You just need to observe what types of hoodies he might like and just get him the best. It would be great if you follow his favorites on things like games, shows, and movies and select one. Get a wonderful hoodie or maybe a sweatshirt and surprise him with your choice of gifts. 

5. Bracelet 

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband in India

If the love of your life likes to accessorise then you will have plenty of options. The set of options can start from bracelets. You can gift your lovely husband a nice bracelet as a Valentine’s gift. It will keep reminding him of your love every time he wears the bracelet and glances at it. There are plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to gifting a bracelet. You can choose a bracelet of beads and crystals, or maybe a bracelet adorned with semi-precious gems, or maybe just a metal bracelet that looks more like a cuff. You can choose it according to your husband’s style and make it a gift that he'll love to have. 

6. Chains 

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband in India

Another great accessory that men love to wear is chains. There are not many things with which they can accessorize. But among the ones with which they can complete their look a neck chain is one of the best. There are many options hence you need to understand the style or type of gift that you want to give to your husband. The variety of chains starts from the Rogan chain, Cuban link chain, round box chain, link chain, rice chain, etc. You can opt for these styles and even look for pendants in them if you think your husband will like them. Chains with cuboid pendants or dog tags are also very popular among men. Thus, select the best and make a wonderful gift for your husband on this special day. 

7. Personalized Wallet Set

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband in India

The basic and most important thing that men need in their daily lives is a wallet. If you want to send him something that he will use every day then this will be just the thing. You can add something more to it like a cardholder and a keychain -the other two essentials that they need. But if you feel it’s still too boring then go ahead and add a personal touch to it. A personalized wallet set will certainly make a heartwarming gift to your husband on this day of love. You can personalize it by adding the name or his initials to the set. Having something made just for him will make him feel special. 

8. Scarf 

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband in India

The season of love is cold so the warmth of love can keep the lovers close. In this season to convey your love and care what you can opt for is a woolen scarf. Either you can get him a couple of scarf that you and him will be sporting together or you can gift him a chunky wollen scarf to keep him warm in this bitter cold weather. Gifting a scarf represents deep reverence, appreciation, and love. So, a woolen scarf can be a great gift for your beloved. We would suggest you get a scarf in black which is a basic color that will look good in almost every attire. But if you are not into sending anything basic to them you can opt for a red scarf that will symbolize the color of love.  

9. Games 

To keep things fun and happy you can gift games to your dearest hubby. It can be any game that he would love to play. The variety of options that you will have is plenty, starting from board games, video games, and some table indoor games like foosball, air hockey etc, etc. You can observe him and we know you might already know the type of games he likes to play to relieve stress. In video games, you can send him the latest version of games. If you are looking for board games, you can opt for Monopoly, scribbles, battleship, Othello, and much more. A foosball table or an air hockey table can also be a wonderful gift. Games are stress relieving and will help him unwind and feel better thus, a wonderful gift. 

10. Sneakers

Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband in India

If your husband is a sneakerhead then you must gift him a beautiful pair of sneakers. There is nothing else that will excite him as much as a pair of sneakers will. Either gift him the latest pair of sneakers in the market or send him a sneaker that he has been eyeing for some time. A comfortable and latest gift for your beloved husband. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to sneakers. The best brands for sneakers are Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Nike, Puma, Sketchers and much more. You don’t have to know much about sneakers but gifting your husband sneakers from these brands will bring a bright smile to his face. 

11. Grooming Kit 

Basic grooming is necessary and you take care of almost every need of your husband. This again falls into your jurisdiction to pamper him once again. Pamper him with an extensive grooming kit that will have every essential. There are many things that we are not aware of but are needed for grooming. There are the basic facewash, moisturizers, and hair wax then comes the after-shave cream, scrub, trimmers, and much more. It completely depends on what you want to gift in your grooming kit. It can be a kit of products like trimmers with multiple heads to give more precision and style. This completely depends on what you want to send as gifts to your husband. What we are certain of is that they will be surprised to get a grooming kit as a gift for Valentine’s. 

12. Headphones  

A simple yet impactful gift for your husband will be a pair of good headphones. He will be able to use them for his entertainment as well as for work. While you are investing in a pair of good headphones go for nice voice cancellation headphones to increase his focus while he is indulging in an activity. This is a gift of utility that he will love to use from time to time and be reminded of your love. A pair of headphones with good battery backup and voice clarity will be the best as gifts. Along with this if he’s into music and loves spending time listening to music then headphones are going to be the best gift he receives as a Valentine’s Day gift. 

13. Personalized Frame

You must have many memories adorned on the walls of memories and your house. But do you have a frame that takes you back to the time when it all began? If your goal is to make him nostalgic with your gift and bring back good old memories then it can be done with this special gift. You can opt for a gift that has a picture frame and the day and the date of the time you both first met. You can even add a picture of the very day if you have any and just in case you don’t have one then you can put on a picture of the best memory you have together. Even though memories are best held in hearts you can always find some to savor it with your eyes. 

14. Beverage Hamper

Last but not least, another great gift that you can opt for is a beverage hamper. Your husband may like coffee or tea - whatever it might be getting a gift dedicated to what he likes drinking will make him feel special. Go ahead and send him an extensive beverage hamper that will have the beverage and some snacks to savor it with. You can look for distinct flavors of tea or different types of coffee and combining it with their favorite snacks and chocolates will be something that will surprise them. This will also create a full package of experience. Hence, a lovely way to spend time indulging in conversation with this lovely gift. 

These gift options are curated based on the idea of making your beloved husband feel special and loved. We are certain that your husband will love these gifts and the efforts that you will show to make them feel special. The day is about love and your gifts will express the care, concern, and love you want to express to him which will be a memorable time for him. Hence, select a gift and send valentine gift to India that will suit your husband and will make him happy. If you wish you can also add chocolates to your gifts to make his gift sweet and savorsome. 

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