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This article can guide you with the list of gift items that you can send on the occasion of Jamai Sasthi. Even if you are away from your loved ones, you can send them gifts to make the beloved son-in-law feel special. The gifts include furniture, sweets, gift hampers, etc. Read for more.

A Jamai in the Indian household is no less than a prince. It is more so on the day of Jamai Sashti. On this day, this special man is showered with gifts and an elaborate spread of good food. It is a day when the family welcomes a son-in-law as the family’s most valued member and fills his day with love and laughter. This occasion needs the best of gifts to remember it by. So here is a composite list of meaningful and well thought of gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your son-in-law.

1. Watch

The best gift that can be given to someone is time. But it is not something you can pack in a box and tie a ribbon on. So a wonderful alternative is to give something that reminds a loved one that time is passing. On this Jamai Sashti gift your son-in-law the periodic reminder that it is time to go home to his loved ones with a ticking timepiece. You could choose a watch according to his likings and make this festival an extremely special one for him.

Top 10 Jamai Sashti Gifts

2. Clothes

Giving the son-in-law a new set of clothes on Jamai Sashti is an age-old tradition. On this occasion, such clothes traditionally included a dhoti and a kurta. With the changing time and taste, this gift evolved and became all-inclusive of different forms of clothing. You could give your Jamai anything from a well-cut suit to a well-fitted pair of jeans and a t-shirt depending on his preferred type of clothing.

3. Intelligent Multicooker

Do you have a son-in-law who is not kitchen savvy? This Jamai Sashti, simplify the cooking-game for him by gifting him an intelligent multicooker. The convenient default settings for specific recipes make it an easy-to-use and hassle-free gadget for cooking everyday recipes.

4. Beverage Hamper

Top 10 Jamai Sashti Gifts

A workaholic son-in-law needs a good and energy-boosting break every now and then. The best way to help him cope with his fast-moving life is by gifting him a hamper containing the best quality tea leaves or coffee beans and also a nice mug to drink the energizing beverage in. Also, if he is a fitness and healthy living kind of person, you could gift him a box of green tea instead of its regular variant.

5. Personalized Mugs

This gift could be a wonderful independent gift or could go well as a part of the above mentioned Beverage Hamper. A mug is usually a part of one’s morning rituals, leisure times as well as intense troubleshooting sessions. Hence, contribute a little warmth to his every day with this special gift which also comes with the surprise of personalization.

6. Grooming Kit

Top 10 Jamai Sashti Gifts

A Grooming Kit is something that is on a man’s absolute essentials list. A good set of trimmers, a tube of shaving cream and a soft yet firm brush to create a lather will be just the right and most useful gift you could give to your son-in-law on Jamai Sashti.

7. Perfume

A whiff of good smell almost always elevates mood like no other. Be it a strong musky scent or a subtle citrus fragrance, there is a variety of options you could choose from for the amazing gift of perfume.

8. Dinner Voucher

What is a Jamai Shashti celebration without a grand and sumptuous meal? Now arrange for this gala celebration even from far by sending him a dinner voucher for the best restaurants in town. A nice meal would keep the charm of this day alive and also bridge the physical distance between you and your son-in-law.

9. Furniture

A nice cozy couch for his living room, a sleek table for his study, a powerful executive chair at the head of his conference table or an exclusive cabinet for his favorite coffee table books. Any of these could be an unparalleled classic gift that your son-in-law would love to receive on Jamai Sashti. Find out his exact need and flabbergast him on this festive day.

10. Sweets

Top 10 Jamai Sashti Gifts

Sweets and celebrations always go hand-in-hand. If your son-in-law has a magnificent sweet tooth, then there can never be a better gift for him than a box of his favorite savories. Select all his choice of sugary nibbles and send him an assorted box of these and make his day a sweeter one.

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