Gifting parents can make you feel confused but we have a lot of options available for you. Here is a curated list of gifts for your parents that you can choose depending on their interests. Read to know more about it. 

Our parents mean the world to us and we should not let go of any opportunity to express our love towards them. Your supportive parents deserve something thoughtful when it comes to gifts. It's time to bestow them with the best gifts from USA to India for parents that can fulfill your purpose of making them happy. Your gift options are endless but you have to pick the gifts keeping their preferences in mind. The smallest gift can be enough to show your appreciation. 

1. Stereo Record Player

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

Your parents will love to play their favorite records. Traditionally records had a lot of popularity in the past . Our parents had a habit of collecting records of various music albums. It easily connects to the wifi or bluetooth so it makes it quite easy to listen to songs. It is traditional yet quite an updated way of listening to some retro songs. It will ensure that they spend some quality time together, tune in to their favorite songs. The nostalgic essence of the gift makes this stand out.

2. Tumblers

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

A nice tumbler can be a cool gift idea for your parents. They can sip their favorite juices and smoothies out of it. These are also travel friendly so they can even carry it on trips and keep themselves hydrated. They can use it to enjoy their favorite drink and keep them frosty. Your parents would love to receive this cool gift on any occasion and it can turn out to be their favorite in no time.

3. Flowers and Cake


Flowers and cake go hand in hand and is an all time favorite gifting option since eternity. It is surely to make them feel elated. A bunch of beautiful roses and a delightful cake is fit for all occasions. You can send flowers to Pune and other locations to surprise your parents with fresh blooms. Flowers always have their own charm and can make any ordinary day beautiful.

4. Comforter

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

Your parents won't realize how much relaxation they require until they curl up in a cozy blanket. It will be quite a comforting experience for them. It gives a cozy feeling to just unwind and watch some movie or have a good night sleep. It gives quite a luxurious feel and provides them with comfort in life, especially after a tiring day.

5. Mug Set

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

To let your parents enjoy their favorite beverage, you can send them a mug set. This can give the ultimate happiness to sip their favorite cup of coffee or tea. It also comes with small spoons and lids. It can surely break the boredom and add some color to the daily evenings. These come in various colors and it can be an ideal gift for every occasion. This will also remind them of you each time they drink a cup of coffee or tea.

6. Gift Vouchers

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

Gift vouchers can be an ideal choice when you are in a dilemma. They can go shopping and redeem the vouchers according to their convenience. It gives them a lot of options to choose from and they can even buy a home decor item or refurbish their abode. Even if you are not staying with them physically, you can always contribute to decorate the house which will make them feel good.

7. Rice Cooker

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

Gifting a rice cooker or any other kitchen appliance can give your parents a hassle free experience of cooking. It cuts down the cooking time and moms find it easy to cook their dishes. Your parents can also enjoy a cooking session together which often turns out to be a pleasant experience. You can choose this as a gift so that it eases the daily cooking activity for your mom and your dad can be a part of it.

8. Small Trip

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

Gifts are meant to hold a lot of emotional significance. It is not about spending a lot of money but it is all about the thoughts behind it. You can surprise your parents with a small trip and let them enjoy a vacation. They need to spend some time alone and they can definitely go for a short trip to give company to each other and rejuvenate themselves. It is going to recreate their golden times and they can share beautiful moments together.

9. Personalized Photo Rock

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

A personalized photo rock can be an excellent gifting option for your parents. This can be customized with a photo of your parents and you can leave a personal note along with it. Personal touches in a gift make it memorable. It is the best way to warm their hearts and make them feel touched. It is just a note of gratitude that you can convey with this perfect personalized photo rock.

10. Fitness Tracker

Top 10 Gifts for Parents in India

Fitness is an important aspect of our lives that should never be neglected, especially by our parents. They need to monitor their health and take good care of it. A fitness tracker will provide them with daily activity information. It is useful to send a fitness tracker as a gift to your parents as it will allow them to keep a track of their health. They can even go for jogging sessions everyday while wearing the tracker. 

Parents are the most precious people in our lives. So when it comes to gifting them, we should spend some thoughts and ideas that can come to use. Though we do not really express our love and reverence for our parents, these meaningful gifts will convey your unsaid emotions with grace.

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