Top 10 Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts to India

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the biggest and grandest festivals celebrated in India and especially in Maharashtra. It is that time of the year when every alley and bylane on the streets of our country resounds the chanting of “Ganapati Bappa Morya!”. On this auspicious day, you could send your loved ones a thoughtful gift. Here is a list of some exclusive Ganesh Chaturthi gifts that you can choose from on this occasion.

  1. Ganesha Ornament

    Lord Ganesha is associated with bestowing upon his followers the blessings of success and accomplishment. So on this Ganesh Chaturthi, you could send your dear ones a present that will keep the Lord’s blessings close to them always. A beautiful pendant or a pair of earrings made from your choice of metal shall be a good gift for them.
  2. Ganesha Coins

    Silver and gold coins with carved impressions of Lord Ganesh is an amazing gift for the occasion for Ganesh Chaturthi. The precious metal makes this gift an aesthetic and a precious one.
  3. Modak

    What is the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration without the Lord’s favourite modak? It is one of the most important offerings while worshipping him. Recently the age-old modak has got a fresh twist with these being made of chocolates. Apart from it they also come in various other flavours such as mango, raspberry, green apple and butterscotch to name a few. You could send your friends and family a box of this delectable savory and share the greetings of this auspicious festival.
  4. Bal Ganesh DVD

    With so many gifts there for the adults the kids might just feel a bit left out on Ganesh Chaturthi. So cheer them up with an engaging session of the 2007 kids film Bal Ganesha. It is a great day for them to embark upon a journey with the little Lord Ganesha through his adventures and mischief and various teachings.
  5. Ganesh Idol

    The best gift for Ganesh Chaturthi that you can give to your dear ones is an idol of Lord Ganesha. It shall convey the essence of Ganesh Chaturthi in entirety and also spread the festive spirit far and wide.
  6. Ganesha Mural

    This Ganesh Chaturthi gift your dear ones a new wall do. The Ganesh mural makes for amazing wall art and can fit well into many parts of the house, be it the place of worship or the drawing-room.
  7. Ganesha Soft Toys

    Bal Ganesh is an extremely popular cartoon adaptation character based on Lord Ganesha. Gifting your kid a soft toy of this cartoon character is sure to please you little one. This can also be a good partner for your kid's bedtime snuggles.
  8. Ganesha Nail Art

    Having your very own Ganapati Bappa on your fingertips is very much in fashion. Gift a near and dear trendy lady her very own Ganesha Nail Art for this auspicious festival.
  9. Ganesha Printed Bag

    Bags are the most useful gifts that we can gift to someone. There is always a need for things to be carried, right from books to clothes and so much more. So gift your dear ones a bag with Ganesha print on it for this Ganesh Chaturthi and extend the festive vibes to them.
  10. Ganesha Themed Phone Covers

    Your loved ones’ mobile phones are an inseparable part of their lives. Hence adding a divine touch to their gadgets is a good way to remind them of Lord Ganesha and seek his blessings. The Ganesha motif also adds a chic look to the device making it enviably stylish.
Pragya Published: Jul 10, 2019 | Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019
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