How to send sweets to Jalandhar?

sweets to jalandhar

Sweets are the language of love for most Indians. Different parts of India consume sweets in different forms. From the famous rasogolla to the delightful gajar ka halwa, there are far too many varieties of these sugary delights for me to mention here. Visually and definitely gastronomically mind blowing, sweets form an integral part of most Indian social or family gatherings. Sweets are the perfect gift to send your loved ones for any special occasion. Your job or other responsibilities might keep you from coming home during festivals to celebrate with your family, but don’t let them feel left out, shower your love and affection with boxes of sweets hand delivered to them and be a part of their happiness.

But how do we send sweets to our dear ones on the other side of the world? No need to fret my friend! We make sure your loved ones receive the sweets and your love on time and fresh and that the celebrations and fun never stop.

Why should you send sweets?

“The origin of sweets in the Indian subcontinent has been traced to at least 500 BCE when, records suggest, both raw sugar (gur, vellam, jaggery) and refined sugar (sarkara) were being produced... Sushruta Samhita records about sugar being produced from mahua flowers, barley (yavasa) and honey and Sugar-based foods were also used in temple offerings as bhoga for the deities which, after the prayers, became prasad for devotees, the poor, or visitors to the temple.”

If we look back into our childhood, sweets have always been a part of any grand celebration. You must remember running around with your cousins with kaju barfis in your hand or listening to the stories of the old man as he bakes a big batch of gulab jamun. The smell of sweets linger in the air during any festival and people who visit bring packets and packets of various sweets of shapes and colours.

Now that you are older, and you are away from home you can try to do your part to live by old traditions and nostalgia. Send sweets wherever you want in India and, in your own way, try to keep the tradition rolling.

Here is a guide to help you send sweets to your friends and family in Jalandhar.

What kind of saccharine delight are you looking for?

sweets to jalandhar

We have a long list of sweets in our catalogs. Barfis and rasogolla, adhirasam and Chikki; the list goes on. Every sweets that we deliver is fresh and delivered locally. The taste and quality of the products are of the finest quality. We make sure that we deliver the right order and in time so that you can participate remotely in the occasions and spread your love and cheer amongst your near and dear ones.

Order now

sweets to jalandhar

Take your time and make your choice. Once you are done add these to our cart. You can add any number of products to any number of recipients. Our easy to use cart will direct you to the grand finale, the payment.

If you have reached here then you have just one more step to go. As the gifts will be sent to Jalandhar, India from abroad, the payment options will be through PayPal or a choice of international cards.

Sweets will not only brighten the day of your loved ones but also spread the sweet joy of your love amongst the important people of your life.

What are waiting for then, “muh mitha karna toh banta hain”.

Soham Published: Dec 03, 2021 | Last Updated: Dec 04, 2021