Onam is such a vibrant festival. It is filled with traditions and rituals there are folk dances and games that mark the wonderful day. All the houses welcome the demon, King Mahabali. They make Pooklam decorate their houses. Exchange gifts and sweets to wish each other the beginning of a new year. If you are also one of those who would like to send gifts to your loved ones on the occasion of Onam then you must be thinking of sweets and flowers. Well, it is quite a good idea to send those as gifts if you want to know why they are appropriate and significant with Onam then keep reading the article. 

One of the grandest celebrations of “God’s own country” which welcomes new beginnings also called Kolla Varsham. It is the harvest festival that marks the beginning of a new year. It is a ten-day-long celebration that is celebrated by following all the traditions and feasts. There is also a belief that on this day the demon King Mahabali returned and to honor him some folk dances and boat races are also performed. People start preparing for the festival very early and deep cleanse their homes and decorate them with flowers and toran made from leaves. The exchange of gifts and sweets along with all the social gatherings exhilarates the excitement among the people. The Onnakalikal which is the name of all the games that are played on the festival of Onam also makes others look forward to the festival. Being a part of this wonderful festival makes everyone ecstatic. If you also want to be a part of the festivities by sending gifts to your loved ones then your search for Onam gift ideas will end here. If you wish to send something that matches the energy of the festivities here are the options that will definitely be heartwarming for your dear ones. 


The most traditional gift that everyone follows to this day is exchanging of sweets! It goes without saying that any Indian festival including Onam is incomplete without sweets. If you didn’t exchange sweets at any festivities then did you even celebrate it completely? Sweets hold a very significant place in the festivities of Onam. Sending sweets symbolizes the amiable relationship that you have with your loved ones. It is a very good way to reconnect with those with whom you have lost connection and even for those who deserve your warm wishes. This gift will sweeten your relationship with the recipient and they will be happy to receive sweets as gifts. As the festivities mark feast and puja ceremonies the sweets can also be used for these that mark your participation in the festivities in a very unique way. 


Send Sweets and Flowers on Onam

Flowers play a very integral part in the festival of Onam. The houses are decorated with flowers and a floral design made with flowers is made on the front of the house called Pookalam. It is made from the petals of colorful flowers to welcome the guests and positivity. Hence, if you send flowers to your loved ones then they can use it for Pookalam or use it to decorate their houses. Flowers are very expressive gifts that you can send to your loved ones to make them feel cared for. The best part about sending flowers is that you can add a lot of gifts to it. Since every household is decorated with beautiful and vibrant flowers during this festival, flowers will be the most appropriate Onam gift for your dear ones. You can choose to send a bunch of roses, carnations, orchids, lilies, or gerberas, depending on the recipient’s preference. We are certain that they will love this heartwarming gift from you. 

These two gifts without any doubt do wonders in this festival. As Onam is one of the main festivals of the people of South India, especially Kerala, you can join in their excitement by sending gifts. So, if you are wondering whether flowers and sweets will be a good option or not then let us tell you this is one of the most appropriate gifts that you can send to your loved ones. 

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