Surprise your kids with small yet cute table

Surprise your kids brings to an amazing range of small and cute multipurpose folding  tables for kids. For kids studying can be a very irksome task and it is difficult to keep them engaged in the task. We can surprise them with cute and small study tables with different designs of their favourite stuff and make education more interesting for them. has quite a smart range of tables to be sent as kids gifts to India.

The Lovely Study Table is a cute multipurpose table which depicts red hearts on the top of the table. It will be delightful for your girl child to use it. Also the Spider Man Table is a similar kind of multipurpose table showing the famous comic character Spider-man. The Cute Small Table depicts a group of cherubs. Sweet and beautiful.

The Playful Study Table multipurpose table can be used for studying and playing as well. This is a folding table with ludo game embossed on it. All kids love playing ludo and they will be delighted to use this table. The Chess Board Study Table is an engaging multipurpose table with a chess board embossed on it. Playing this game will enhance the mental capability of your kid along with studies.

Surprise your kids

The Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Table is a small and cute table with many popular cartoon character embedded in it. Along with studies, it can also be used for other purposes like cutting cakes, drinking, eating etc. Send cakes to India along with this table on a special occasion for your kids and their happiness will know no bounds. Similarly, the Sweet Study Table is embedded with favourite fairytale characters of Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel etc.
These tables are made of wood and can be folded and kept easily. Also one can send flowers to India along with these gifts on many occasions and ceremonies.

Mr. Amit Desai, CEO of this organisation, says that, “ Kids enlighten our lives with their laughter which is infectious. Make them smile by sending these unique tables to India through . Many other kinds of gifts for various occasions and events are available here on this reliable online gifting portal.

Amrita Published: Apr 08, 2016 | Last Updated: Aug 29, 2022