This history of mother's day dates back to 1900s. It is a momentous occasion which gives us an opportunity to thank our mothers for the immense contribution in our lives. Even today, mother's day is celebrated across the globe with immense gusto and enthusiasm. This article talks about the significance of mother's day even in present times. 

Mother’s day is a concept born in the age of the Romans and since then, it has been celebrated in different parts of the world in various ways. Mother's Day in India is the special day for a very special woman. Children should consider it essential to acknowledge their mothers with some special arrangements, for being fortunate to be blessed with such great figure. The day is glorified by sending gifts like chocolates to India on mothers day along with Mothers Day cards India, crockery, apparels and jewelry. This day is dedicated to thanking all mothers for the responsibilities and hardships they undertake in a child's upbringing.

This festival is celebrated across 48 countries on various days. Though the days of celebration are different, the feeling and essence remain the same all over - to show gratitude for their efforts. The Mother’s Day celebration has undergone a big transformation in recent years. Earlier Mother’s Day celebrations included praying for the well-being of the mother, feasting, and a barbeque. But today, gifting has become an integral part of Mother's Day.  Even if you are away from your mothers, these gifts act as a token of love and remembrance. Some stores have come up with a huge array of gifts like flowers, jewelry, memorable show pieces & cakes to India on Mother's Day. There are photo albums gifted to moms that can take her down memory lane. These help people to celebrate special memories with their mothers and revisit the special days. Some also make handmade gifts to show their respect and affection for their mother these can be Mother's Day gifts to India.

Significance of Mother's Day

Some people arrange for get together with their moms and throw parties in the honor of their dear moms. People staying away from the families make efforts to spend the day with mothers. This way, Mothers Day has turned out to be family reunion day for many. The day primarily revolves around spending quality time with our mothers. The ones who stay far away from their mothers  send greeting cards and gifts to express their gratitude and love for them.

Keeping the spirit of mother's day in mind, there are many online portals which come up with special gifting ideas. Our gifting portal presents to you a wide variety of mother's day gifts which cater to the requirements of our beloved moms perfectly. Our team makes sure that distance does not come in the way of mother's day celebrations. No matter where you are located, our gifting portal ensures that the gifts sent by you reach your mothers in India right on time. You can also order cake online for India and make the day even more special for your mom.

"Mothers are God's unique gift to children." The emotion behind mother's day is to commemorate the unconditional love shared by a mother and child.  Just like in any other country across the globe, the people of India also people celebrate Mothers day with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto. Mother's Day has gradually emerged as an integral part of our culture now.  Send heartwarming mother's day gifts and make the most of this special occasion. Make special efforts to make your mothers feel loved as she will be the one person who will always stand by us through thick and thin.


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