The day of love is here and if you are on your way to get the perfect gift for your beloved then stop by this article. In this article, we have curated the ultimate list of gifts that you can send to your beloved to make them feel special. These gifts are curated based on trends and productivity. so, be rest assured your beloved will not only be thrilled but will be the happiest to receive such gifts on the day of the love. So, if you wish to know about the list of gifts in detail for Valentine's then keep reading the article. 

After all the occasions it’s time for Valentine’s Day to shine! The day of love that brings all the hearts together no matter what the distance, time, and place. The day is seen to bloom with roses, chocolates, and gifts. The most important medium through which the lovers translate and convey their love is gifts. So, are you ready to surprise your beloved this Valentine’s with gifts? If yes, you must be out there finding the perfect gift to give your beloved a lovely experience. But before you start how about gathering all the information you can and making the special day extra special for them? We are here with a list of ultimate gifts that you can send to your beloved and make them feel special. You can send this gift to your beloved in Gurgaon on Valentine's Day from any corner of the world. Hence, there’s no need for you to stress thinking whether you will be able to send gifts to your beloved in India or not or maybe send a gift in Gurgaon. With one load off your shoulders, you will be able to concentrate on choosing the best unique Valentine's gifts. So, with all the time let’s decide on the gift that you want to send to your beloved by Valentine's gift delivery in Gurgaon and make them the happiest. 

Personalized Gifts 


Send Valentine's Day Gift to Gurgaon

As the day is filled with love and confessions of love why not spill your love on the canvas of a nostalgic postcard? We are certain that you will agree as well that there is something about spilling your emotions on a postcard which has been the medium of communication. An added personal touch is what going to make it it worth a gift that will melt your beloved heart. You can add a loving memory as a picture at the front of the postcard and write the message you want to reach your beloved on the occasion of Valentine’s. This is a great gift to make your beloved feel special through words. You can appreciate her and express your unspoken feelings very easily. We always find it difficult to say things but it is easier when we are writing it down. So, add a lovely memory, write down your emotions on the postcard, and send it to your beloved. This will warm her heart and make great unique Valentine's gifts

Photo Frames 

Another great idea is to send unique personalized photo frames. Personalized photo frames bring in a wide range of frames that are unique from the basic ones. This allows you to create a wonderful masterpiece that adorns the lovely moment you want to cherish and relive with your beloved. So, if you are wondering whether you should gift them a photo frame or not then we suggest you should. These will not only adorn their dull walls but also will keep reminding them of your love now and then whenever they glance at it. You can personalize the frames with images, quotes, messages, and even songs. You can dedicate a song to your beloved and the personalized will bear the code to a song that when scanned will play the song. Isn't it exciting! A wonderful way to surprise your beloved with these romantic gifts for her or romantic gifts for him


Nothing can beat a personalized calendar not even the digital ones. Some will say a paper calendar is ancient but a personal touch to it can make it the best gift that you can send to your beloved. You can add pictures to the calendar to personalize it and maybe add some heart-warming messages or quotes as well. Your loved ones will welcome each month and season with a warm heart to a new memory to cherish. A lovely gift that will keep them looking forward to the next month and the memories. These are very helpful too as while reliving the memories they will be able to note down the important dates and events as well. This will keep them organized and will be a good table decor too. So, choose some amazing pictures with which you would like to adorn their year and make them feel special with these amazing personalized gifts for Valentine's Day

Gift Hampers  

Gourmet Hampers 

If you want to send a scrumptious treat to your beloved then you are in the right place. You can send a delicious treat to your beloved with a gourmet hamper. There are plenty of hampers when it comes to gourmet. There are chocolate hampers as well as there are snack hampers, beverages, and much more from which you can choose and send a gift to your beloved. Make them feel special by sending them delightful and delicious snacks and savory bites. So, send your beloved this Valentine's gift delivery in Gurgaon and make their evenings or me-time amazing. This gift is the best for the ones who either is a foodie or for those who love to have a savory beside them always. Your gift will be one of those gifts that shows your love and how much you know about them. These gifts make them feel cared for and well-understood which is more than enough for them to feel loved. 

Self-care Hampers

Whether you are looking for a pampering hamper or an indulgent gift, a self-care hamper is the answer. You can send your beloved a self-care hamper and indulge them in a pampering session for the occasion. This romantic gifts for her of self-care is a great gift and has been on the trend for a long time and this is going to stay like this. We neglect self-care and at the end of the day are exhausted which makes rejuvenation difficult. So, if you wish to unwind, rejuvenate, and relax your beloved’s body, mind, and soul then this is the gift that you should opt for, give your beloved a gift with which they can be relieved from the stress of the din and bustle of life. This gift will express how much you care about them as well as pamper them for the day encouraging them to take care of themselves. 

Fragrance Hampers

Send Valentine's Day Gift to Gurgaon

When we hear fragrances we automatically divert ourselves to perfumes and forget more things that are associated with them. Just like that what you can do is send your beloved a fragrance hamper that will have things like. Scented candles, diffusers as well as a wonderfully fragrant perfume. The fragrance has an effective impact on our minds and a gift of fragrance is going to be a gift that they will remember forever. They can even use the perfume in their everyday life, as well as the scented candles or the diffusers to relax and unwind. Aromatherapy helps to relax and unwind and sending them a fragrance hamper for Valentine’s can be just the right gift for them. With this gift, they won’t only be able to use the hamper to unwind and relax but also remember you in the fragrances that cover them reminding them of your love and care.

Unique Gifts  

Hoya Heart Plant

Send Valentine's Day Gift to Gurgaon

If you want to send your beloved something unique that will catch her off guard then what you can send them is a hoya heart plant. Whether your beloved has a black thumb or not this plant will flourish with very low maintenance. This means this will be a great gift, to begin with as this plant is unique on its own. The unique shape of the plant resembles a heart which makes it a wonderful gift choice for the occasion. Along with that sending a gift of life that grows with the bare minimum effort is symbolic of your love that keeps growing with time with the effort and trust you both put together in the relationship. It also is very good to keep around a plant as it purifies air removing any toxicity. It can be best seated on a desk as a desk plant or maybe a part of the garden that your beloved owns. Be it anything we are certain this Heart hoya plant is going to be the best gift that they ever receive. 

Engraved Plate

If your beloved loves decor then we think this is going to excite them. An engraved plate is a very rare thing but not impossible to find. You can gift her an engraved plate that will be engraved with designs. Many plates come up with designs that convey a story of a beautiful image. The plates can be of ceramic, wooden, or even metal all you need to do is select a gift that you think will be loved by your beloved and send Valentine's gifts to Gurgaon. If you are wondering what are they going to do with this plate then they can keep it as a decor item and display it. At the same time, she will be glancing at it and be reminded of your love time and again. These will be unique Valentine's gifts that will adorn her decorations and add charm to her collection. 

Hobby Hampers

Gifts should always be centered around the likes and preferences of the recipient. So, why not send a gift that includes their hobbies? A hobby hamper is a unique gift that will allow them to learn more about their hobbies or maybe adopt a new hobby. If you wish that your beloved adopts a new hobby then this gift can be ideal for you. As these hampers have all the necessary things needed to start a hobby there will be no confusion or hassle. So, choose a hobby hamper based on their likes. If your beloved is already into something or wishes to try something new then sending them with a hobby hamper that has almost every basic essential to start a hobby can be an encouraging gift. These are wonderful for unwinding and self-exploration. So, go ahead and send this unique gift for Valentine’s. 

Last-minute Gifts 

Gift Cards 

How about taking your beloved on a date on the day of love? You must be thinking “If I could I would” But what if we say you can take your beloved on a date even from the distance you have between you two? You can send them a gift of a dining gift card with which you will be taking them to dinner or say shopping uniquely. It is one of the most unique Valentine's gifts that you can send to your beloved and give her a wonderful gifting experience which is a great last-minute Valentine's gifts. Gifts are also about creating a wonderful experience for your beloved so if you wish to send a gift that will conjure up a surprise and a wonderful gift that will certainly surprise them. The best part is that they get the liberty to choose their gift and the category varies from entertainment, dining, jewelry, shopping, lifestyle, and so on. So, if you wish to send a gift that involves the choice of your beloved as well as creates an amazing experience for them then this is the best gift that you can get them. 

Flowers and Chocolates 

Whether you have forgotten the event or just couldn’t come up with a grand gift or maybe your gift is going to take some time to arrive then what do you do to cover up things? You can send them a bouquet of roses and delicious chocolates to make them feel special. These are the most sought-after gifts and serve the purpose of last-minute Valentine's gifts that your loved one will love to receive and won’t even have any idea about it being last-minute gifts. So, if you are looking for a last-minute gift that will save the day then this is the perfect gift. Flowers and chocolate are the perfect blend that appreciates and conveys your love to them. Various flowers convey love in a distinct manner as well as they have significant meanings as well. So, if you wish to send a last-minute gift that has meaning and savory to it along with same-day delivery options for Valentine's gifts then this is the best gift. 

Fruits Basket

If you wish to send last-minute Valentine's gifts that can be delivered on the same day of order then you can opt for a fresh basket of fruits. This gift is going to be a healthy gift that they can cherish and celebrate the day of love. This is a healthy alternative to any treatment you can send to them. So, if you wish to send your beloved a treat to celebrate the day of love at the last minute then you can send them a basket of fruit filled with their favorite fruits and make them feel special. A healthy and fresh Valentine's gift baskets is the gift that conveys your concerns. You can convey your love to your beloved in a unique way with this gift basket. So, if your beloved is a fruit fanatic or just loves to eat healthy then this gift is the best to send as a gift. 

Jewelry Gifts


Another great gift for the occasion of Valentine’s Day is a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry. If you wish to convey certain emotions like faith, love, and self-expression then a pendant is the best as a significant jewelry gift. You can send an alluring pendant to your beloved be it a diamond, or any other precious or semi-precious stone, and surprise them. This gift will not only adorn the neck but also will make them feel special because of the significance and meaning of the gift. So, if you wish to make things special then an exquisite pendant is the gift for your beloved. As jewelry is timeless it also becomes an heirloom and stays with the recipient with the changing course of time remaining unfazed just like your love. Hence, a wonderful gift to send to your beloved. 


Bracelets are gifts that are the most worn and if your beloved loves accessorizing then this gift is the one. This gift is not as intimidating as a ring but makes them feel your love. A bracelet symbolizes the bond between the recipient and the gift giver. It connects you metaphorically establishing a strong bond. You can look for bracelets that have charms around them or maybe a bracelet with simple silver chains - it completely depends on the style of your beloved. But if you wish to send something that will protect your love and melt her heart as well then the evil eye bracelet is the most trending one. The evil eye symbolically protects the wearer from any harm and cares for them by keeping any negative energy away. It is a positive gesture that conveys your care, concern, and love. Hence a good Valentine's gift idea for your beloved. 


Well, many use Valentine’s Day as a good day to propose to their beloved. So, if you are planning to get down on one knee then who’s stopping you from getting a ring for your beloved as a gift? The day, the moment is special already so add charm to it by sending them a gift that they will love. This gift is going to melt their hearts and surprise them, Even if it’s not about the proposal, a ring signifies commitment and if you send a ring to your beloved then it will mean your lifelong commitment to them. This will be more than enough to thrill the rhythm just add some flowers or chocolates to this and make them the happiest with the best Valentine's Day gift delivery Gurugram, Gurgaon, or any corner of India. 

Check out these amazing Valentine's gift ideas and send the best to your beloved in Gurgaon. With these gifts, you will be able to conjure up the best Valentine’s Day surprise even if you are far away. So, gear up and choose the best from the list of inspiring gifts. We can assure you the gifts present in this list have a wide range so it becomes easier for you to choose. The gifts present in the list are based on recent trends, so they get the most trending gifts. These gifts are not only trending and alluring they are useful as well. So, the fear of them not using this gift stays at bay. Hence, send these gifts to your beloved to make their Valentine’s Day heart-warming and special. 

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