Rakhi is around the corner and you must be excited about it! We have an amazing list of gifts for you to decide on a gift this Raksha Bandhan. Send rakhi and amazing gifts to your siblings and in-laws and make wonderful memories. To know read more.

No matter how much you fight with each other there’s no denying that you love your siblings. They have been your companion even before you understood the word “Bhai” (Brother) or “Behen” (Sister). They are your accomplice ever since you started doing mischief and blaming it on them, yet you both have got each other's backs. Even when time, distance, and ambitions have separated you guys you can always find your way back to each other on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi through gifts. 

The word Rakhi is an abbreviation of Raksha Bandhan and the word Raksha means protection. The complete festival celebrates the bond of siblings and the vow that they have in their hearts to protect their siblings from any evil. It is believed that Draupadi was saved from humiliation by lord Krishna in Mahabharata. The great Indian epic witnessed the spectacle of the bond of a brother and sister. Rakhi or Rakhsha Bandhan is almost here and you would be definitely excited for this day.

Even if you are away from home it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate Rakhi or can’t make the day special for them. All you have to do is send rakhi to India along with rakhi gifts to India to your siblings to make your presence felt. We know that you must have been busy that’s why we have curated a list of gift ideas that you can use and a website like ours can aid you.

Rakhi Hamper

Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

If you are away from home and you are the younger sister or the elder sister it means that your brother must be awaiting for this day. The primary responsibility belongs to you to make your brother’s day special because he will be waiting for that rakhi to tie in his hands. He might not get to celebrate Rakhi with you

but he can have the rakhi sent by you. So the best thing to gift your brother this Raksha Bandhan is to gift him a hamper that has all the essentials for the auspicious day. A hamper that consists of rakhi and sweets to make his day sweet will be ideal. As the ritual ends with the sister feeding sweets to her brother a hamper consisting of rakhi, Sweets, and nuts with all the essentials will be the best gift for him. He will miss your absence but not with a heavy heart. 


Nothing can beat jewelry when it comes to gifting to your sister or your sister-in-law. You can gift her any trinket and she will be more than happy because it is from you. The bond between you and your sister and sister-in-law is unique so the gift will be as well. Observe which type of jewelry she likes to wear- heavy jewelry or light trinkets and gift her accordingly. If you want to gift her something trending then go for light trinkets which are mostly loved by all and can be worn many times.

Daily Essentials

Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

How about gifting them a pack of daily essentials? Nothing could beat this up because it is something that they use every day and need every day. Self-care is no longer a luxury; it is an essential requirement of our daily regime. Not everybody recognizes this so, send them a self-care essential hamper or set to assert the importance of self-care in their life. If you are the eldest, share your concern by gifting them this utilitarian product.


Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

Watches are a very handy gift and almost everyone loves to wear watches. A timeless gift that reminds you of the time and the person who gifted it to you. We, humans, tend to associate memories with the objects we have or receive. So gifting a watch to your sister can be a good way to associate good memories of the day which they will be reminded of every day whenever they glance at the watch. Whether you are around them or not they will always feel your presence.


Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

“Perfume is the key to our memories”- gifting perfume can be one of the unique gifting ideas. Gifting perfume to siblings is a way to show your care and affection towards the person. Perfumes tend to feel like they have been well planned and come as thoughtful. All you have to do is to know what type of notes or perfume they will prefer and everything will be alright. Men tend to like woody aromas which go with their personality and women like fruity and citrusy notes. Keep these in mind while choosing a perfume for your brother or sister. The best thing about perfumes is that they can be gifted both to brothers and sisters.


Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

Does your sibling like photography? Or maybe needs a new hobby? Either way, a camera can be a good gifting item for your sibling. Give wings to their dream with a camera and see them smile brighter than the sun. A camera can not only be handy when it comes to photography but in capturing memories as well. Give your sibling a mode to capture all your memories together and the ones that they make during their journey in life. If you see a budding photographer in your sister-in-law then this gift will win her heart.

Portable Speaker

Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

Portable Speakers are one of the best gifts for a music lover. Your siblings or your sister-in-law will be able to carry it anywhere they go and enjoy their time may it be with friends or alone. If your sibling is a social butterfly then a Bluetooth speaker can be just the thing that she needs to bring life into the party. Be it a picnic or party portable speakers are going to be their best friend.

Hydro flask

Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

These flasks are just something in trend these days. It keeps the warm drink warm and the cold drink cold. Your siblings can use it on the go and this will be something that they use every day. These flasks last for many years and the temperature-insulated flask remains just the same throughout the years.


Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

Boys don’t have many gifting options and it becomes an uphill task to pick one gift for them. If you are also struggling with selecting a gift for your brother then a leather wallet can be a good gifting option. A wallet is something they always use and they always need. So a good leather wallet can be just the thing your brother or even sister might need. There are various types of wallets for men and women both in various shapes, sizes and design you can choose from. Select according to their preferences and style and this can be a good gifting option for in-laws as well.

Coffee Mug 

Send Rakhi Gifts to India from the World

A Coffee mug with a loving message for your loving brother or sister can be the best gift for Rakhi. They can be a tea lover or a coffee lover in both cases he or she would need a mug! So give your brother or sister a coffee mug this rakhi. It is said that most people have an emotional attachment to their coffee mugs and they prefer using their own mugs even in their workplace. Hence you can gift a mug to add to the emotion and make their mornings more motivating. The best thing about this gift is that you can gift it to a brother or a sister too.

For many, there is no greater bond between siblings as you grow up the fights stop but the relationship and bond evolve. In the core stays the deep love and concern for each other. Celebrate the day with warmth, love, and care with your siblings and make memories for many more years to come. 

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