Preparation of delicious food items on rakhi

Preparation of delicious food items on rakhi

The festival of Rakhi celebrates the beautiful relationship between brothers and sisters. On this festival, sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their brothers. Gifts are exchanged between the siblings at the time of the festival. Rakhi is also marked by grand feasting.

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Starting from main course dishes to desserts and drinks, everything is prepared for the festival of rakhi. If you are willing to know about some really mouthwatering food items for Rakhi, then you have come at the right place.

Desserts or sweets are a must for rakhi. You can send from our wide variety of sweets offered in our website and send as rakhi gifts to India. Our different varieties of sweets are categorised into three sections; Mithai with Rakhi, Sweets Hampers and Mithai Thali. However, you can also prepare a dessert for your sibling on the festival. The ingredients required and method to make gulab jamun has been discussed below.

Preparation of delicious food items on rakhi


1 cup of milk powder

Half cup flour

Half tea spoon baking powder

Two tablespoon melted butter

Ingredients required for making the syrup 2 cups of sugar 1 cup of water Oil

Method Make a dough of the milk powder and butter Make the dough slightly hard with the milk Divide the mixture into 18-20 parts Make balls of each part Cover the balls with a damp cloth Heat the oil at high temperature Pour the balls after changing it to medium heat Shake the pan so that the balls turn brown in all sides After 5 minutes, the balls will come up on the surface

Method to make the syrup Add 2 cups of sugar with one cup of water Add about 5 cardamons along with Kesar strands Heat the mixture for 5-10 minutes at medium heat Add the gulab jamun after warming the syrup

One of the most preferred dishes cooked on Rakhi is Saffron Rice. You can also cook this delicious dish on rakhi by following the simple method mentioned below.


2 cups of basmati rice

3 cups of sugar

4 cardamoms

5 tablespoon of ghee

10 to 12 raisins

10 to 12 cashew nuts

¼th teaspoon of saffron mixed in water

Method Wash the rice and strain it Pour the ghee in a cooker and heat it Add cardamom powder, raisin, sugar, saffron, cashew nuts and rice Add water and wait till the cooker make two whistles Serve it hot

Cheese food items are also preferred during the time of the festival of rakhi. You can prepare cheese biscuits and various other snacks from cheese and send along with rakhis to India.

Drinks add a different flavor to the festival of rakhi. A number of drinks are made for the festival, the most common one is Badam ka Sharbat. For a perfect celebration of rakhi, do not forget to make Badam ka Sharbat for your sibling. You can make this drink by following the method detailed below.


Half cup of almonds

Small cardamons

Half cup of ginger

Half cup of sugar

Two cups of water

Method Soak the ‘badam’ or almonds, then cook it for some time Make a paste of the almonds Add water, cardamon and sugar with the badam paste and blend it Heat the mixture on a low flame for five minutes and keep stirring Strain it and keep inside the refrigerator for serving it chilled

Apart from sending rakhi to India and preparing a variety of dishes, you can also send a handmade rakhi greeting card, if you know how to make a rakhi greeting card. Show off your culinary skills with the help of these recipes this rakhi and make the celebration one of the most memorable one.

Madhurima Published: Mar 08, 2011 | Last Updated: Apr 06, 2020
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