Send Personalised Gifts to your beloved in India from USA

Send Personalised Gifts

The custom of sending gifts on any occasion or festival is practiced down the ages. Gifts whether it is a simple flower bouquet or a chocolate box will definitely bring a sweet smile on your dear one’s face. Hence, if you are away from your dear ones and missing them a lot, you can make them feel your presence by sending gifts. Today due to the advancement of Internet, various e-gifting stores have emerged. Thus instead of personally visiting shops and searching a perfect gift for your loved ones, you can take the help of these online stores. With one click of the mouse,  a huge collection of gifts will be displayed in front of you. Amongst several online stores, is a well known online portal. Wherever you reside whether you are in UK, Australia or USA, you can easily send gifts to India from USA through this online store.

In this online store, you will avail diverse types of gifts such as flowers, cakes, chocolates, gift hampers and  so on. However, if you want to send something unique you can opt for Personalized gift items for your loved ones. In the ‘Personalized gifts to India’ section you will avail a wide variety of personalized items that you can send as gifts to India from USA.

Personalized mugs

Send Personalised Gifts

Personalized mugs are the special ones that you can opt for your dear ones on any special occasion or festival. The mugs come in various colors such as white, black, blue and so on. However, you can add a special touch to these mugs by customizing them with a warm message and a picture of your dear one. Magic mugs are the main attraction in this section. These mugs change color once hot water is poured in them. When filled up with hot liquid, the imprinted personalized photo & text become apparent. Your dear one will definitely be delighted to receive these personalized mugs as gifts. Thus send gifts to India and bring joy on their face.

Personalized Kids mugs

You can even charm your little kids by sending personalized kids mugs. The handle of the mugs come with cute animal figures like tiger, dolphin etc. The personalized image makes these mug more attractive. Your kid will definitely be surprised to receive these beautiful mugs.

Personalized key chain

Send Personalised Gifts

Personalized key chain will also be a perfect gift that you can send to your dear ones as gifts to India. The key chain comes in various shapes such as round, square, oval and so on. Moreover, different types of key chain such as wooden, metallic etc are available here. You can customize it by adding a photo of your loved ones.

Photo t-shirt and Poster

Send Personalised Gifts

You can send gifts to India such as photo t-shirt to your dear ones. The t-shirts come in various sizes and can be worn by kids, teenagers as well as elders. Moreover, your dear ones will feel comfortable to wear these t-shirts on any occasion or festival. You can make the t-shirt look more special by  customizing it with a favourite photo and message.  Personalized Photo Posters are also available in this online store. If you are thinking to surprise your parents on their anniversary you can send this Photo Canvas with their image. They will definitely be overwhelmed to receive this gift. Apart from these, you will also avail Tiles & Mirror and special mugs for your dear ones. Send these gifts with your personal touch and  enthrall your dear ones.

Pooja Published: Apr 21, 2012 | Last Updated: Aug 29, 2022