Perfumes can be the perfect gift item on Best Friends Day

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Friendship day is around the corner and it is time to take some risks and get personal. Gifting your friends with perfume can actually get personal. However, they can be the best gift for your close friends with whom you share so much. Send perfumes as gifts to India and make your friend feel special. It is better you know their taste of perfumes- mild or strong or if they have preference for brands.

Gift perfumes and break the myth of “we should not gift perfumes”

Yes, these are changing times and you have one more chance to break a myth that we should not gift perfumes. When it comes your special friend you can take the liberty and break that myth. Gifting them their preferred brand of perfume can make them elated for how deep you think about them. And guess what, the gift goes right into their collection of perfumes. So, send gifts to India from USA and make your friend’s collection of perfumes even richer.

It is impossible to have “enough” perfumes

Yes, you read it right. With the wide range of perfumes to India in the global market and an even more wide range of choices of signature scents, one can never have “enough” perfumes in their collection. World renowned brands keeping their signature scent same, launch variations of it which also can become prized possessions by your close friend. So, this friendship day, send gifts to India from US and enrich your friend’s collection of perfumes by gifting them from a wide range of perfumes from our collection.

Chanel Chance Perfume

You might not know the right perfume for your friend, but you will surely know the right perfume for any occasion

Yes, the thought counts as much as the gift. Perfumes have different blends and signature scents. Although your friend might have a particular liking for a signature scent, you can gift them with scents for occasions. For example, a musk scent, or vanilla or that of jasmine flower can be worn for the night occasions. Light scents with flower base are usually preferred for day time. So, go ahead and choose the right perfume from our collection and send gifts to US.

Perfumes can give the feeling of your friend being next to you

Perfumes are so personal that the aroma of a particular perfume can almost make the person’s presence felt right next to you and thereby constitutes as one of the best friend's day gifts to India. A Burberry or a Davidoff are signature perfumes and when you have that aroma close by the aura of the person can be felt, irrespective of whether or not the person is beside you. So, you can do it both ways. Gift the fragrance or brand of perfume your special friend likes, or gift her perfume you like. Either ways, you will be in each other’s company, despite being away from each other. So, go ahead a send gifts to India as perfumes and make your presence felt, despite being away from each other.

Gifting perfumes was a risky proposition sometime back, but when you know your friend so closely you can be a little adventurous and take risk of gifting perfumes, or send them as gifts to India, of their or your choice.

Debanjana Published: May 20, 2016 | Last Updated: Sep 15, 2020
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