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Mother’s Day is celebrated in nearly every part of the world. The UK, the USA, India, Australia, Mexico, Canada and other countries are known to celebrate the day with splendour. Every year, mothers and their efforts are appreciated and honored on the second sunday of May. Since time immemorial, mother’s contribution and unparalleled efforts to strike a balance between her children and family has been commendable.

Did you know Indian Mythology has described mothers as epitome of strength, love, endless sacrifices and motherhood? Yes! They have a strong personality and can play multiple roles for the well-being of children. The beauty of Indian society lies in the fact that most of the traditions revolve around mothers. The various roles played by her have been well explained in our mythology. The concept of motherhood covers all fundamental aspects and attributes that are essential to human existence. If it had not been for the “mothers”, probably this world would not have been a beautiful place to live in. This Mother's Day celebrate the efforts of the mothers and send Mother's day gift to India .

A mother is an angel in a human form. She is an embodiment of fertility, care, protection, strength and character. Taking a quick look at our mythology, there are female characters whom we look up to even today. They have taught us the essence of life and values through their own share of experiences. Be it Bhumidevi (Mother Earth), or Yashoda, mothers have played an influential role in the lives of their children. Reading about them shall give us a clear picture about how mothers breathe life into us and shape us.


She is the mother of all Goddesses. She protects the earth from evil forces. Of all the mythological mothers, she is known to be the most divine motherly character. She knows how to take care of her admirers as her own children. She is the destroyer of ego and ignorance. She acts as a nurturing refuge. For we know whatever situation we are in, she will be our shoulder to lean on.


She is the finest example of beauty, creativity, love and devotion. She had immense love for her son, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya. She is also said to possess a gentle and nurturing characteristic of Shakti. Ganesha was not born from his mother’s womb, instead she created him using clay, using her hands, energy, and creativity. It also shows that if a mother is determined to do something about her child, she will do it.


The world knows and adores the beautiful relationship between Krishna and his mother Yashoda. They loved spending time with each other. No one could tell that they aren’t related. However, Yashoda was his foster mother.

Life Lessons from the Mothers In Indian Mythology

Maiyya Yashoda is known and respected for her unsurpassable love and adoration for Lord Krishna. She was well known for her blind love for her child. She protected her child from the rebukes and reprimands of the villagers. She knew it well that Krishna was well known as the “maakhan chor”. He loved homemade butter more than anything else. The moment he could smell it, he somehow managed to make his way to the pot of butter. Everyone in the village knew of his habit, but it was Yashoda who became his saviour, everytime he got caught. Even if the Gopis blamed him for causing troubles, Yashoda became his saviour. Though as soon as he stepped into the house, he knew his mother would punish him.


Kunti is the foster mother of the powerful and iconic warriors Pandavas. What is appreciable about being a mother to five non-biological sons is that she never discriminated against them, nor did she ever compare them to each other. She always taught them to share whatever things they had. She raised her children in a way that whatever situation life may throw at them they must never give up. She taught them to be prepared for the worst. They were trained by her in warfare, politics and life’s survival skills. They also shared a strong bond with one another. The warriors were raised by a loving yet a strict mother. Whatever decisions she made, they never bickered over it.

A perfect example of it was when Arjuna got married to Draupadi after winning a Swayamvar by hitting a fish in the eye. The brothers were overjoyed with Arjuna’s victory. The moment they brought Draupadi home to announce the good news to their mother, they were devastated. The reason being Kunti was cooking, and without seeing she told them to share whatever prize they have brought home. The brothers had to abide by his mother's instruction. However, she realised her mistake at a point of time, but it was too late till then. Her story teaches us never to make any decision in a jiffy without understanding the context.


She was considered to be an altruistic lady back then. Being a mother of Lord Rama, she taught him good values and ethics. She was a strong woman, who forgave Kaikeyi, for sending Rama to exile for 14 years. Kaikeyi was the second wife of Lord Dashrath. Kaushalya even forgave her for loss of marital bliss and happiness, and other misfortunes that befell her. Kaushalya is a mother, a woman who kept forgiveness and humility above everything else. As a mother, there are many lessons that we can learn from her.


According to Rig Veda, Aditi is the Devmata, the mother of all gods. She is known to be the mother of the almighty, Indra. It is believed that before the universe was even created, her womb bore all the heavenly bodies. It is believed that she protects those who worship her. She is their guardian. She tries to fulfill the needs, demands and wants of her children.

Be it mythologically or otherwise, mothers are an essential role model of our lives. You might live with her or even away from her, she is someone who is always by your side. The world might be against you, but she will be your eternal support system. There are ways in which you can convey your love and regards to her. One of the classic ways to be expressive of your love is through gifts. Today, there are many ways to celebrate mothers day India, and honor their love. We must never forget the importance of our mothers as has been portrayed since time immemorial.

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