Interesting Facts About Jamshedi Navroz

Interesting Facts About Jamshedi Navroz Image Credit : irantourismnews

Nowruz or Navroz is celebrated as the Iranian or Persian New Year; it is celebrated as the first day of Spring or Equinox. It is according to the Iranian solar calendars but according to the calendars of Shahenshahi and Kadmi which is followed mainly in Pakistan and India, the Navruz is celebrated on July-August. On this day families from diverse ethnic communities come together to celebrate the rituals. Sending gifts to India for this occasion is one of the best way to celebrate it with your loved ones. You can send these India gifts very easily with the help of this trustworthy online portal. It is celebrated by any cultural region that comes under Iranian influence or has migrations by Persians. It has many traditions and rich history. But there are some interesting facts about Navroz which are not known by most people. Here we discuss some of them.

Nowruz or Navroz when literally translated means ‘new day’. The Persians celebrate it as the 1st day of the year. The beginning of this festival dates back to as old as 6th Century BC. The Shahnameh dates Nowruz as far back to the reign of Jamshid, who in Zoroastrian texts saved mankind from a killer winter that was destined to kill every living creature. Jamshid, the mythical Iranian king, perhaps symbolizes the transition of the proto-Iranians from animal hunting to animal husbandry and a more settled life in human history.

Interesting Facts About Jamshedi Navroz Image Credit : stevewinick

The festival is celebrated on the dawn of the vernal equinox, when daytime and night are of approximately equal duration as the sun crosses the celestial equator.

On this day the great king Jamshedji of was crowned as the King of Persia. Thus on this day all the existing Mohammed prophets depict anecdotes from his life to all the followers. According to legends, King Jamshed holds a lot of importance and thus this day is popularly known as Jamshedi Navroz.

Interesting Facts About Jamshedi Navroz Image Credit : cal unac

As per the deduction by King Jamshed this day is interpreted as the day on which the sun leaves the constellation of zodiac Pisces and enters zodiac Aries.

The Parsi community set up a table with the mythical ‘Gathas’ and put up an array of lit lamp or candle, a ceramic plate with sprouted wheat or beans, small bowl with a silver coin, flowers, painted eggs, sweets and rosewater, and also a goldfish in a bowl. The set of arrangement is said to represent prosperity, wealth, productivity and happiness.

The tradition of setting these tables also has been divided into 3 varieties - The Haft Seen, where all members gather near the table and pray together just at equinox. The meaning of Haft Seen is Haft is number seven and Seen is letter S. So the table is set with 7 items related to food. Also the Haft Mewa means table set with with 7 dry fruits. The Khoncha is another festive table setting which consists of a big silver or copper tray, with Samani placed in the center as well as candles and dyed eggs which represents each member of the family. The table should be set at least with 7 dishes.

People also distribute dried fruits, nuts and grains, which also symbolizes plethora of abundance and subsistence. Hence all the tables are set with something related to food.

Navroz also means exchanging clothes and gifts amongst family and friends. Thus make your loved ones in India feel loved by sending them gifts to India on this Navroz with the help of this premier online shopping portal. The best gift for Navroz is ideally Food items like dry fruits, fruits, sweets, snacks etc. Also Home Decor related to some tradition of Navroz or Flowers to India for this special day are also very good gifts. You can avail to all of these from this reliable shopping website.

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