Diwali is around the corner have you decided on the gifts that you want to send to your loved ones? Or are you still thinking about what to send as Diwali gifts? We would like you to suggest sending some home decor for this Diwali. It is the time of festivities and every house is ready to welcome the festival and the Gods and Goddesses in their home to worship them and get blessings. So, home decor can be one of the many things that are essential for the festivities. If you are wondering what to gift then don’t worry we have a list of gifts for you. To know more about them keep reading the article. 

Finally, Diwali is around the corner! Weren't you already waiting for this, but are you ready for the festival? Have you decided on the gifts you want to send your loved ones?  Not yet? Or was it too hectic to decide on a gift? Well, whatever it may be you need help with some Diwali gift ideas. If you are completely clueless about what you want to send gifts as but at the same time want to send something that they will be able to use and bring a smile to their faces? Then consider sending them home decor as Diwali gifts, as the festive season decor will be one of the things in demand.

Rangoli Boards 

Send Home Decor as Diwali Gifts

Most of the festivals in India have this custom of making a beautiful rangoli on the front porch of the house. This is to welcome the Gods and the Goddesses into the home, thus the Rangoli is made with flower petals or most of the time with colored powder. But because of many things time being one of them it becomes difficult to make Rangoli at every place in the house. Another becomes the difficulty one faces with young kids. If they have kids or are expecting kids in the festivities then making and maintaining the Rangoli will become a challenge. Your gift of Rangoli boards can make things easier for them and will be a good decor too.

Lamps or Lanterns 

Send Home Decor as Diwali Gifts

We don’t have to remind you that Diwali is the festival of lights, but what we can suggest is that a lantern or a lamp can be a gift to remember. They might have lamps or lanterns which might feel very basic. But what you can do to elevate things and make it a Diwali special gift is select some wonderful lamps or lanterns with unique and festive designs. These can be colorful, with unique designs with which they can decorate their living space or the entrance of the house. This will be one of the many unique gifts that will decorate their home and add charm to the complete air of the festivities. The best part about this gift is that they can use it even after the festivities. 

Candle Holder

Send Home Decor as Diwali Gifts

Candles and Diyas illuminate the evenings. But the dance of shadows and lights is what makes it more appealing. You can send your loved ones candle holders with unique colors, glass stained, or maybe with ethnic designs over them. The candle holder will not be an ordinary gift but a gift that will serve as a decor and a decoration itself. Your loved ones can use the scented candles as well. You can also surprise them by gifting them a set of aromatic candles and candle holders if they love aromatic candles. But if it is not like that then you can send the candle holders alone which will create a beautiful atmosphere for the festivities. So, don’t hesitate to send candle holders as gifts to your loved ones this Diwali. 

Wall Hanging

Send Home Decor as Diwali Gifts

One of the best and most wonderful ways to decorate the house is to decorate the walls as well. Mostly we try to decorate the floors the entrance and the living rooms not everybody remembers to decorate the walls. What you can do is remind your loved ones to decorate the walls of their house to make their decorations stand out. Those pale and bland walls can be spiced with some wonderful wall hangings. You can look for a wall hanging that has a Madhubani print or maybe a Tapestry wall hanging with a lot of embroidery work. Make sure the wall hanging is colorful and depicts the festive spirits. Hence, one of the best decor gifts to send to your loved ones in Diwali. 

Diya Stands

Send Home Decor as Diwali Gifts

The festival of light is all about Diyas and the festival not only needs Diyas in the puja ceremony. These are needed to decorate the house as well. As much as a host of single Diyas looks beautiful, a Diya stand looks grand. A grand and elegant decoration to the house that you can send to your loved ones. There are various types of Diyas stands that you can send if you decide on gifting a Diya stand for your loved ones. There are tier diya stands, and Diyas stands with intricate designs that have many Diyas attached together. With just one Diya stand they will be able to light many and make it a wonderful decoration. 

Brass Bowl 

Send Home Decor as Diwali Gifts

Another wonderful option to send is a beautifully designed brass bowl. You might think what are they going to do with it? Well, it is a wonderful thing to set on the terrace or on the entrance. Your loved ones will be able to fill it up with water and add flower petals and tealight candles to illuminate the space with beauty. This gift will definitely be a head-turner for your loved ones that will decorate their house and will be a pleasant gift for them. It would be a unique gift as well as exceptional home decor for the Diwali festivities. 

It is an ancient ritual in India that we follow to this day that the houses should be deep cleansed before any puja ceremonies. Along with that houses should be well-decorated as well. It is believed that we welcome the Gods and Goddesses and worship them. So, it is essential to prepare the house for the day. Hence, decor becomes one of the most sought things, and receiving some as gifts holds much significance. So, don’t hesitate to send home decor as gifts and make their Diwali brightest by bringing a smile to their faces. 

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