History behind Mother's Day

History behind Mother's Day

Mother’s Day celebration involves a lot of enjoyment and fun which makes it a very special day. This day has been dedicated to all motherly figures around the world and hence it is observed with much grandeur. Many countries even observe a holiday on this memorable day and children spend the whole day looking after their mother’s every need. Mothers who have to work the whole year are given a break on this very important day and they get to rest for the whole day. It is very important to know about the history of this auspicious day to get a better idea of this day.

The celebration of Mother’s Day started in ancient Greek and Roman times where Goddesses Rhea and Cybele, both mother figures, were worshipped on a special day that was devoted to mothers. The next instance comes in UK where the fourth Sunday of the period of Lent is known as Mothering Sunday when traditionally everyone went back to their mother Church and their families. The celebration devoted to Mother Mary later became more universal with this day including the commemoration of motherhood as a whole.

History behind Mother's Day

The modern Mother’s Day is the product of the efforts of two American ladies named Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis. Julia Ward Howe wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day as being devoted to peace and worked hard to establish this day as an official holiday. Anna Jarvis is known as the Mother of Mother’s Day even though she never was a mother herself and only wanted to dedicate this day to the memory of her mother who wished a day to be dedicated to the recognition of the efforts made by a mother.

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